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Is IPL Hair Removal Safe?

The short answer is yes, and we’re here to tell you why!

We understand that to a first-time user, IPL hair removal at-home might seem a bit daunting. For a treatment that is better known in salons, with a professional it might seem scary being left to your own devices (or device, our SmoothSkin one that is!)

Our mission is to make those treatments accessible at home. Empowering you to take control of hair removal, your way. All our products are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy and undergo clinical trials which are closely monitored at each step. Leah Richards, our Director of Clinical Affairs leads those investigations. You can hear from Leah here:



When looking at IPL hair removal devices, clinical studies is an important aspect you should consider and is something we take pride in.

All our clinical data is expertly interrogated and evaluated. External ethics committee and independent dermatologists review this, ensuring validity and that clinical claims remain objective.

  • Over 3000 treatments performed on a variety of skintones
  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective
  • Compliant with latest international safety standards, including the FDA for medical devices.



SmoothSkin is the leader in IPL with science and safety as a driving force. We were the first to launch many of the important firsts within IPL. Our devices have safety features that work from the very moment the device touches your skin.


The skin contact sensor works in two ways. Firstly, ensuring full contact with the skin, protecting your eyes from any light leakage. Secondly, delivering full treatment to that area so you get the full energy benefit.


IPL technology isn’t suitable for all skin-tones, so, we’ve taken out the guesswork. All of our devices continuously read your skin-tone, and as a result, will let you know by illuminating red that it isn’t safe to treat that area. Our skin-tone changes regularly throughout the year and as a result, what may be a safe area in the winter, won’t be safe to treat during summer (whatever that is!)


This intelligent built-in sensor in our SmoothSkin Pure device is the only sensor that measures your skin-tone. It continuously reads your skin around 80 times per second, personalising the energy from the very moment you start your treatment. You’ll notice the lights changing as it personalises the perfect formula of speed and power just for you, we call this optical power.



Your Suitability for IPL

There are some instances where we don’t recommend IPL is used, you can read more about these in our FAQ section below.

For safe, fast and effective hair removal

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