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Frequently asked questions

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Itchiness is a common side effect of IPL treatment. However, if you have intense itchiness which has not subsided after 24 hours, please stop using the device immediately and consult your GP before using SmoothSkin again.

You need to stop treating immediately. We recommend you visit your doctor / Medical Practice and ask for advice. In the meantime, contact us. Our trained advisors will send you a Health Questionnaire to fill out and return. Once you have done that we will assist you and ensure you are not making any mistakes in your preparation or treatment regime.

SmoothSkin has clinically proven results, however, everyone is different. Treatment success can depend on a number of issues such as catching the hair at exactly the right stage of growth, or even hormone changes / imbalances.

  • Have you completed your full 12-week treatment regime?

Hair growth is cyclical and IPL treatments are only effective during one of the three growing phases (called the Anagen phase).  Not all hairs are in the same phase at the same time which is why you need to keep up with your treatments.  You may have missed a treatment or perhaps you didn’t catch the hair at the right stage.

  • Have you checked the hair tone chart?

Whilst the device may flash, IPL has little or no effect on naturally very blonde, grey or red hair. It is possible to see results when treating darker blonde hair, but you may need a few extra treatments to get the same standard of hair reduction.

  • Have you tried treating stubborn areas multiple times in one treatment session?

With SmoothSkin Bare+ you can treat stubborn areas, such as underarms, with multiple passes, running your device over the same area a maximum of 3 times. Just be sure to move the device between shots and then come back to the original site, rather than treating 3 times continuously.

Contact us for extra support and tips at any stage throughout your SmoothSkin journey.

To use stamp mode on any SmoothSkin system, simply place the handset on the skin, press and release the activation button. Remove from the skin before carefully re-applying to the next treatment area. This is best for small areas such as your underarms and face.

To use glide mode, place the handset on the skin, press and hold down the activation button, then glide the handset along the skin between flashes. Try to move the handset at a steady speed that gives full coverage without overlap or missed areas. Twist or slightly readjust your device to ensure good skin contact is achieved throughout glide mode. Our unique safety sensor will prevent flashing if the device is not in full contact with your skin. This is best for larger areas such as your legs.

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