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Frequently asked questions

No – we recommend that you do not use more than once per week.  This will have no effect other than to irritate your skin.

No – SmoothSkin is not suitable for use on tattoos.

No, do not use SmoothSkin devices if you are pregnant or breast feeding, as our devices have not been tested with these individuals.

IPL is unsuitable for treating grey, red or very light blonde (white) hair. Very fair and grey hair doesn’t contain enough melanin to absorb the light energy in the follicle, whilst red hair contains a different form of melanin altogether which isn’t responsive to IPL. It is possible to see results when treating darker blonde hair, but you may need a few extra treatments to get the same standard of hair reduction.

Yes, SmoothSkin is suitable for all but very dark skin tone.

Before you order a SmoothSkin product, make sure your skin tone is suitable using the below chart, or check here and once purchased, remember to always complete a patch test before your first treatment.

* From an independently approved clinical study

No – do not use the device over large very dark freckles or moles.

We don’t recommend individuals under the age of 18 use SmoothSkin IPL devices. The devices have not been tested on this age group, and the body undergoes a number of hormonal changes during adolescence, so treatments may be less effective at this time due to rapid hair growth.

We suggest you seek medical advice as we can’t be sure of the depth or prominence of the veins.

No – SmoothSkin is not recommended for use on areas containing Rosacea.

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