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Frequently asked questions

Yes. SmoothSkin products have given excellent results on the excess hair growth caused by PCOS. We would recommend using SmoothSkin Pure, our most powerful device for long-lasting results on the most stubborn hair.

Yes. Every area you are treating with IPL needs to be shaved first.

Of course! For the very best results from your treatment, we recommend shaving, but you can also wax, epilate or pluck any hairs if you’d prefer.

For IPL treatment to work efficiently you must remove any hair from above the surface of the skin prior to each treatment, ideally while keeping the root in place.  Therefore, you must shave before treatment.

It’s important to follow the recommended treatment regime to get maximum results from your SmoothSkin device.

For SmoothSkin Pure and Pure FIT:

We advise treating once a week for 12 weeks initially, and then just topping up as required, usually once every 4 – 8 weeks to keep regrowth at bay.

For SmoothSkin Bare+ and Bare FIT:

 We advise treating once a week for 12 weeks, and then topping up as required, around once every 2-4 weeks, just to prevent hair-growth

No, do not use gel with this device.

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