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IPL and particularly SmoothSkin devices have proven to be very effective in dealing with PCOS related hair-growth. However, some medications, including those that are commonly used in the management of PCOS, such as Clomiphene (Clomid) and Dianette, can cause increased photosensitivity, which can cause an adverse reaction when combined with IPL, or any light-based hair removal treatment. Before starting IPL, we strongly recommend that you discuss your suitability with your GP, double check the labels of all medications that you are taking, and, of course, complete a patch test prior to your first treatment.  If you have any questions please contact us directly, and our trained advisers will be happy to help.

For maximum results, we recommend using our most powerful device, SmoothSkin Muse.

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SmoothSkin Bare has a single energy setting of 3J / cm2 that is suitable for all skin tones. It’s super speedy and lightweight with a full body treatment taking just 10 minutes, so if you’re tight on time Bare might be a better bet.

SmoothSkin Muse has 10 energy settings, ranging from 3 – 6 J / cm2, with the latest in IPL technology to automatically tailor your treatment to your skin tone, providing a  personalised treatment and maximising your results. If you can dedicate a little more time to each treatment to get longer-lasting results in the long-run, we’d recommend Muse.

  • If you want maximum speed and simplicity go for SmoothSkin Bare.
  • If you want a tailored beauty treatment with long-lasting results, SmoothSkin Muse is for you.
  • If you can dedicate more time to treatments to go longer between top-ups, go for SmoothSkin Muse.
  • If you’d prefer super speedy treatment sessions with more regular top-ups, we’d recommend SmoothSkin Bare.

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Yes, all SmoothSkin devices are safe and gentle enough to treat the entire bikini area (including the bikini line, mons pubis, labia majora and perineum, to use the technical terms!) so if you want a Hollywood or Brazilian please feel free – just use extra caution to avoid treating the ‘inner parts’ of the bikini area, including labia minora, the vagina and anus as IPL is not suitable for treating these areas. If you’re using SmoothSkin Muse or Gold, this may also be a good time to turn on gentle mode.

Do not use the device directly on mucus membranes, the genitals or around the anus. These areas may have a darker skin colour and so to avoid injury they should not be treated.

Yes, you can safely treat the face, cheek and jaw line, the upper lip, neck and chin areas. However, DO NOT use on eyebrows, eye lashes, the scalp, lips, nostrils and ears.

Yes – there are a number of conditions that may affect your suitability for IPL treatment.

These include (but are not limited to): skin cancer, or any other localised cancer in the areas to be treated; history of vascular disorder, such as the presence of varicose veins or vascular ectasia in the areas to be treated, skin which is sensitive to light and easily develops a rash or an allergic reaction; diabetes; lupus erythematodes; porphyria ; congestive heart disease; skin infections, eczema, burns, inflammation of hair follicles, open lacerations, abrasions, herpes simplex, wounds or lesions and haematomas in the areas to be treated.

This list isn’t exhaustive, if you need further clarification, please check with your doctor. We also recommend you check out our FAQ on medications.

Yes. Certain medications and skin care products can have photosensitive properties which can cause an adverse reaction to IPL treatment.

Please check the advice leaflet of any medication or skin care product containing active ingredients you are currently using and, if you need further clarification, check with your doctor. We also recommend you check out our FAQ on medical conditions.


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