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Life changing product

I had coarse thick hair like a men beard on my chin. And it was large quantity. I got hair because I started shaving off my chin in 2010. I suffered a lot because of that as being a woman it's embarrassing. I had to pluck everyday. I had to put concealer. But in daylight you can still see. Fortunately, I saw this product on Amazon. I wasn't sure to invest in it. But I checked some reviews online and I had already invested so much in laser sessions which I couldn't continue as I have a travelling job. I started using this magical product on my chin. I did my laser session almost every night. I continued for almost 20 days. I couldn't believe the embarassment I have been facing for 10 years would be healed this soon. It was worth investing. I really want to thanks everyone at Smoothskin for providing a life changing product. Now I can go out without makeup in daylight with full confidence. I sleepwell now. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Really thanks a ton.

Sana Waris - 28

Life changing product

This product has been life changing for me. I have thick dark hair and shaving gives me in grown hairs everywhere. I’ve tried waxing for years but the expense and upkeep has not been manageable. I’ve been using this product for 12 weeks and I’ve noticed a significant reduction on hair regrowth. I do still have hair growing back but significantly significantly less. It’s so quick to use, painless and I just love it!

Holly - 26


Really pleased with the results of this. My leg hair has almost disappeared and the tiny bit of regrowth is thinner and softer. Its super easy and quick to use and has also improved the skin tone on my legs. Fantastic results!


Game Changer!

I don't usually review my purchases, but I am so impressed with the results I got by using the SmoothSkin Pure device! I have tried all kind of hair removals methodologies, from wax to laser treatments, but this methodologies were very painful and were taking so much time of my personal time! This device is really easy to use, I do my full body in just 10 minutes and I personally don't feel any kind of pain while doing the treatment. I have been using SmoothSkin Pure for more than 10 weeks and my hair grows so weak and my skin feels so smooth and soft! Couldn't be happier!

Alba - 23

Smooth skin pure

This product has amazed me. I have never used something like this before so I didn’t really have an idea going in. I expected it to hurt and to minimise hair growth but I was very wrong. It doesn’t hurt and I have literally no hair growth anymore! It fits in so well to my beauty routine, is so simple to use and super effective.

Chloe Davies - 25

Just life changing

I went on to this trial very sceptical. I have very dark body hair and did not think that anything would help reduce the hair. However I was proved wrong. The smooth skin device has proven to be the best form of hair reduction that I have ever used. It is pain free, hassle free and just massive convenient. Seeing the weeks go by where my hair has become less dense, dark and visible and it has honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I would go 2/3 days max without shaving my legs before whereas now, I have not shaved my less in well over 2 weeks. The device has a very tasteful classy appearance, it is light to hold and quick to use. It’s safe to say it has felt life changing for me and I will never go back to regular hair removal products again.

Shannon Bargery - 25

Lifesaver for a busy mum

As someone who has thick course hair, I have always had to shave at least once a day, and even then if I’m to get goosebumps then my legs become stubbly! Not only has the device allowed me to go a whole week in between shaving, but it’s super quick and easy to use, and as a mum of 3 I’m looking for quick and easy when it comes to doing things for myself! I’m super happy with the results from the use of the device and will be more than happy to recommend to my friends and family!

Vikki Lewis - 33

Really recommend this device!

I have been using the SmoothSkin Pure Device for 12 weeks now and I am so happy with it! This device is perfect in any sense. It is super light and easy to carry around, it works by plugging it in. After a few uses the device becomes much less painful, and more importantly your hair will be completely removed with time! I 100% recommend this device!

Julia - 23

What an amazing product!!

I started using the smoothskin pure on my lower legs during lockdown due to not being able to go to the salon. I have been blown away by how effective this product is. I have always considered myself to have dark and stubborn hair with insanely quick regrowth, so when I found out the salons were closed I was mortified due to my leg hair making me so self conscious. After just 4 weeks I noticed a big difference, with a considerable decrease in hair growth. The Smoothskin Pure is so easy to use and so quick, with just 15 minutes a week required for noticeable results. After the 12 week course of treatments the difference is MASSIVE. I have little to no hair on my lower legs now, I’ve been so impressed I’ve already started treatment on my underarms and my upper leg. This is a must buy for permanent hair removal!

Ella Craske - 29

5* treatment, absolutely love the device and the outcome it achieves!

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the device and of course the effects it’s had with my hair removal journey, the smooth skin pure is such a sleek device and I can’t express how easy it is to use, I have had a 5* experience using it and have recommended it to friends and family. It’s an enjoyable treatment which makes you feel like your pampering yourself! Love it, thank you for my IPL device!

Alice Morgan - 26

Fast & Effective

My recent SmoothSkin pure experience has been great. I’ve been treating my underarms over the past 12 weeks and pleased that I have had significant hair reduction, meaning less / no shaving needed. The device was quick and easy to use, quick start guide very clear and using the device was easy to fit into my weekly routine. One of my initial concerns was over pain it could cause, but it wasn’t painful at all. Week one I did feel a heated tingling sensation but after that I felt nothing. I would definitely recommend the SmoothSkin pure.

Lauren - 32

Hair today gone tomorrow

I used to have professional IPL done, so most of my hair leg has gone, but since lockdown, I decided to buy a home IPL machine to do other areas too. After only three sessions, my arm and underarm hair is significantly reduced, with some bare patches already. This is not painful at all until you get to the bikini area and upper lip then it stings a bit, but it's nowhere near as painful as IPL in the clinic was, and I'm not left with bright red burn marks for two weeks after each treatment. I highly recommend the Muse. Some reviews said the machine was quite big, but if my tiny hands can hold it comfortably, anyone can.

Lynsey Davies - 37

Life changing

I eventually settled on this device because of one review titled "life changing" so I wanted to spread the love. I have grown up with very thick dark hair. Every wax I've ever had has been full of tutting and complaints about how thick my hair is and how it just won't come out. Hair would be growing back before the rash and scabs from waxing had a chance to heal. Shaving has always been torture too. Having to use a fresh razor every single time. One with at least 5 blades. Soak in a hot bath to soften the hair and go over each section holding the skin taught and no more than once. And still I couldn't shave more than once a week or I would break out in spots of blood for every hair I went over. Not to mention constant razor rash even when everything went well. My mum had a very old ipl when I was a kid. I always got a strong smell of burning hair from it. And the light was so bright you couldn't use it without a blindfold. It also couldn't be used while charging, and ran out of charge after just half a leg, so it was something you had to do over a few days. Ever since trying it as a teenager, I've been put off the idea. But I figured that technology has come a long way, so after lots of research and comparing, I bought myself a smoothskin muse. After only 2 sessions with this ipl, shaving was EASY. My whole body in less than 20 min. I felt like a girl off a razor advert. Could shave a line from my ankle to the top of my thigh in one swooping motion. After 3 sessions, it took 5 whole days for my hair to get to its afternoon shadow stage. My moustache never even grew back in time for my 4th session. So I got to use the laser on it without shaving. Even if I don't get any more progress from this device, it has already been more than worth the money I paid for it. My only advice to very pale women like myself, the skin tone sensing feature is a bit useless on us. It's constantly on full power, even going over more sensitive areas like fanny/bum hole. I think I would benefit more from the speed of the smoothskin bare, as muse does take a few seconds of thinking time to load each zap.

Marina - 21

Amazing and so quick!

I was in shock to see that is was so quick! I always wanted this and decided to offer my self a nice gift. It's working well and I would recommend this to everyone!

Josee Lacelles - 45

Very useful gadget

It's now 2 years on since I first bought the SmoothSkin Gold. I would definitely recommend it as an essential item for anyone's beauty kit. After the initial 12 weeks regime, hair growth had definitely reduced and slowed down. Since then and for the least 18 months I use the Smoothskin Gold as maintenance, but there is hardly any hair growth in the areas I have used it. Given the length of time I have used the device, it has proven to be time and cost effective, less painful too :) The reason I have given it 4 stars and not 5 is I do find now that there isn't much hair to zap, the process is a bit too long (but worth it). I am waiting for the number of flashes to finish so I can move on to the SmoothSkin Bare which should be quicker and hopefully still effective given I've used the more powerful device the last 2 years.

Nafisa - 30

Persistence shall reward!

I am on week 10 and most of the hairs on my upper lip, underarm, nipple (I have a very fair areola so I've used the device there), and bikini area have stopped growing, almost entirely. They key is persistence here, ladies - trust the system, stick with the routine and you shall see results! By week 4-5 my hair was starting to look patchy so I knew it was working, and this gave me the encouragement to stick with the routine. So worth the price - hair removal used to be a thorn on my side all my life! Thank you Smoothskin!

Bonita - 38


A friend recommended SmoothSkin Bare to me and I was excited to see there was a new version when I went to buy it. It's really fast and I could see less hair growing on my legs and bikini line after about 5 weeks. It does sting a little but it's definitely worth the pain and the money. Amazing!

Emma - 27

Male user, 12 Week Review

I have waited until week 12 to give a comprehensive review for both the SmoothSkin Bare and the SmoothSkin Muse, because the company state that you will see the results at the 12-week mark, so this review tells it how it is! First off then, I am a man and I have been targeting the chest, back, upper arms and testicle areas for laser hair removal. I have always wanted to have a smooth chest, but my experience with hair removal is terrible. I have white skin and dark hair (ideal for this in theory). I wasn’t a complete yeti but I had a lot of hair on the chest, not so much on the back and upper arm hair was just annoying bits. In the past I’ve tried shaving (awful, just grows back the very next day), waxing – NEVER AGAIN – not for the pain, but the reaction I had from it was absolutely awful and looked terrible. I tried hair removal cream (allergic!) and the only thing I found that worked was a natural hair removal cream from Sri Lanka without chemicals in it but that soon ran out and in any case, it grew back quickly. So for many years I resigned myself to just trimming my hair. I didn’t believe that laser hair removal would work and it was expensive, but bit by bit I saved up Boots points until years later I actually had enough to buy the SmoothSkin Bare with my points. I had such low expectations for the product that buying it with points and feeling as if it were ‘free’ was ok for me to give it a go because then if it didn’t work I wouldn’t feel like I’d wasted my money. And so I set off with week one…. WEEK 1-3 Expecting ingrown hairs, I purchased ‘Skin Doctor Ingrow Go’ ready for the process and used it regularly. I can tell you that you won’t see much of a change in weeks 1-3 but I used it every Saturday. The SS Bare is so fast! It doesn’t take any time at all to go all over and you can treat each area up to 3 times, which I did. They don’t recommend use on genitals but it didn’t hurt and I’ve had no problems with either system. WEEK 4 Nightmare!!!!! By week 4 it had started to work. Why is this a nightmare I hear you ask? Well, I had such a bad outbreak of ingrown hairs that it was a serious mess and I mean really bad. So bad in fact that it has caused a small permanent red mark in the middle of my chest which still remains now at week 12. I contacted customer care with the photographs and because of its severity they allowed me to exchange my SmoothSkin bare for the SmoothSkin Muse as it was more powerful and will last up to a month, therefore not needing to go through that every week. I cannot fault the customer service I received from them, they were fantastic but the reason for my 4 star review rather than 5 is because, due to the use of the product I have this permanent mark and it has caused a couple of very small dark patches on my skin too, though nothing really to worry about. WEEK 5-12 Now with the SmoothSkin Muse, you can only treat each area once because it’s more powerful and I like the fact that it’s still got unlimited flashes, that’s great! I can tell you that compared to the SS Bare, the Muse is MUCH slower to go over areas, almost frustratingly so but I don’t think I would have felt like this had I not used the Bare first because, really we are talking about maybe just over a second between flashes with the Muse, whereas the Bare was just like flash, flash, flash. Boy did I notice a difference from week 5 onwards!!! This product really does work. Week by week I noticed less and less hair. In fact by week 6 the lower half of my chest no longer grew hairs and now that I am on week 12 there was practically nothing at all to shave, it’s crazy! What I see are a few tiny lighter hairs that come through but hardly any of them. I still get a few red bumps with ingrown hairs but nothing like at week 4 and they go away pretty fast. From week 11-12 I thought “I’m not actually going to need to do it this week” – bearing in mind that before this product if I had shaved it would have been an every day affair and with stubble by the evening. I now have smooth in all the places I used the product on. The Muse has light sensors to deliver the right amount of power and this is a good safety feature. I noticed on the testicles with darker skin that sometimes it would refuse to flash. I think the only temptation with this device is to keep going haha! I could quite easily have started on my legs with the success I was having but fortunately my other half made me consider looking like a man was probably the best option, leave the legs alone so I’ve kept it with just those areas! I would highly recommend this product. I am someone who hair removal was a nightmare for. I grow lots of body hair and am sensitive to most things when it comes to removal. This product works, full stop. I cannot believe how much it has exceeded my expectations.

Matthew - 36

Be patient

I bought this mainly for my daughter(17), she has very dark hair and was spending many painful hours epilating. We are now at week twelve and are amazed at the results. We are nearly at the point of not shaving , only flashing! The main tip from us would be to ensure you are bone dry from the shower, if a little damp it tends to make the flash hot. We do our shaving and flashing on a Sunday morning usually with face masks and giggling.

Elaine - 46 +17

12 Week Review - whole face and body

First! Sign up for Smoothskin Bare's motivational emails when you begin your first treatment. They'll be in synch with you. I have pale skin and dark hair and have completed 12 weeks of treating the face and body. The response was immediate, with most body hair regrowing slowly. Legs have responded really well. Some thicker facial hair is slower to respond, such as on the side of the face. I recommend going over each area 3 x for maximum results. This is recommended by Smoothskin themselves, so do make a note, as the emails might not remind you until week four and you'll have lost time. For my maintenance, I'm going over each area once, apart from the face and neck, which I'll zap 3 x, as it only takes five minutes. If you can, set aside the same day(s) each week for a regular routine. Expect end to ingrowing hair itching too! Cleared up problem patches of ingrowing hair on legs very well. WHY FOUR STARS? I can see little black specks where hair could grow through, even on the best parts (legs, arms), so I'm hoping the pore's ability to bear hair dies off for good and leaves the skin clear of those little signs of hair follicles. Keep it up. Good luck.

Bonnie - 25

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