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Emma hasn't waxed for three months*

*No, she isn't going through a break-up.

Emma, like most sane women, doesn’t exactly love waxing. So she switched to SmoothSkin IPL. It’s the fast, long-lasting way to reduce hair growth. Which means beautifully smooth skin for months and months

Mel didn't bring a razor to Glasto*

*Yes, Mel will still rock her cut offs.

Is there anything less glamorous than shaving your legs in a tent? Nope. Which is why Mel decided to prepare for the festival season with SmoothSkin IPL. Use it once a week for 12 weeks and enjoy the feeling of totally smooth skin all summer.

Jess hasn't shaved her legs since she left the UK*

*No, she didn't 'find herself' in India.

Jess is spending the summer travelling. Alright for some. Especially as she hasn’t had to shave her legs the whole time. That’s because Jess discovered SmoothSkin IPL before she left. It’s the simple, fast way to reduce hair growth and enjoy smooth skin all summer long.

Beth hasn't had a Brazilian since last year*

*No, Beth doesn't need to 'man-up'.

Getting a Brazilian wax is not Beth’s idea of a good time. There’s the pain, the cost and having to make small talk with the total stranger stripping your lady parts. So Beth uses SmoothSkin IPL at home instead. It’s painless, long-lasting and has a gentle setting that’s soft on sensitive areas.

Kate quite enjoys hair removal*

*No, Kate doesn't need to talk to someone.

Kate has swapped painful waxing and constant shaving for SmoothSkin IPL. It reduces hair growth for good. And it’s so simple you can do it in front of the TV. Some people have called it life-changing. Start your SmoothSkin routine now and you could be hair free in a matter of weeks.

IPL doesn't work on Jasmine's skin tone*

*Oh wait. Yes it does.

Jasmine thought IPL wouldn’t work on her darker skin tone. Until she found SmoothSkin. With its ‘detect and set’ feature it automatically adapts to her skin type. Smart enough to understand her? Smarter than most of her ex-boyfriends then.
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“I had coarse thick hair like a men beard on my chin. And it was large quantity. I got hair because I started shaving off my chin in 2010. I suffered a...”

Sana Waris

April 2021

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