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Which IPL is best for me?

We've got the facts to help you decide.

Where do I start?

As you probably know, the world of IPL can be a minefield. Fear not – we’re here to help!

Here we’ve broken down the key features for you to help you decide exactly which IPL device best suits your needs.

Power or Intensity

Power is a crucial feature to consider when choosing which IPL system is right for you. Why does power matter? The power, or if we’re going to be technical the intensity, influences how often you’ll need to use your device, and impacts how long you can go in between treatments.

Of our range, SmoothSkin Muse not only has the highest power (or to be technical, fluence) at 6J/cm², it also has unique skin tone sensors, which will automatically tailor your treatment to your skin tone to make sure you’re receiving the maximum treatment every time you use it.


The less time between each flash, the quicker you’ll be able to blast through each treatment session.

In a hurry? With just 0.6 seconds between flashes SmoothSkin Bare is the fastest IPL system around. It can speed through a full body treatment (that’s legs, underarms, bikini line and face) in less than 10 minutes.

Got a little more time? Spend it wisely. With the extra power of SmoothSkin Muse, you can complete a full body treatment in just under 20 minutes.

Battery vs Corded

Whilst going cord-free can make life easier, it can also decrease efficiency by compromising on power. Not only that, there’s always a danger of running out of battery mid-treatment, or even mid-leg!

All of SmoothSkin’s devices are mains powered (with a nice long cable!). This gives you the maximum power along with the option to find a little more space, without having to settle for reduced output. We think it’s a small price to pay for the most powerful products around.




Some devices ask you to select your own power level based on comparing your skintone to a chart.

SmoothSkin Bare has only one setting, so you can zap and go in no time, whilst SmoothSkin Muse checks your skin and selects the setting for you, adapting with each flash. SmoothSkin Muse also features a handy gentle mode – useful for first time users or those sensitive areas.


Number of Flashes

Number of flashes refers to the number of times the lamp inside the device can fire, or flash, before it will no longer work.

  • SmoothSkin Bare and SmoothSkin Muse both feature unlimited flashes, so you’ll never run out.
  • SmoothSkin Gold has either 200,000 or 300,000 – enough to last between 9 and 15 years.

The more flashes, the longer you’ll be able to use your device without having to worry about replacing it.



Of course, the cost of the device could make all the difference. Whether you’re looking to save a few pennies or going all out, we’ve got a solution to suit your pocket, with SmoothSkin Bare for just £199 (RRP) or the latest in IPL technology SmoothSkin Muse at £399 (RRP).

And don’t forget we offer the option to spread the cost of SmoothSkin Muse over 12 months at zero extra cost, with payments working out at just £33.25 a month.

Products also come with an automatic 2-year warranty, and a 90-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk free. So what are you waiting for?


How do I decide?

Compare SmoothSkin Muse & SmoothSkin Bare side by side to help decide which device works best for you and your lifestyle.




Smoothskin Muse


Smoothskin Bare



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