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Excellent device

Absolutely loved using the device and the results, apart from less hair my skin is clearer and pores reduced.

Jodie - 35-50

Life changer

I have been using the smoothskin pure since October. I had very bad facial hair due to PCOS and I had tried a lot of hair removal methods and I didn’t get on with most of them. So I had to wet shave every single day, which in its self caused skin problems. The smoothskin pure has changed my life for the better in 13 weeks I went from having to shave every day to shaving once a week while doing my treatment. I have large areas of no hair at all. My hair has gone from dark and thick to hardly any hair and the hair is lighter and softer. I would highly recommend this machine as part of your hair removal routine

Amanda - 35-50

Highly recommended

Highly recommend this product, quick and easy to used with great results

Shan - 25-35

So far so good

I’ve been using this device since October and so far the results have been amazing, I suffer with pcos and have a lot of facial hair on my upper lip and chin, it has thinned out my upper can I can go weeks now instead of days for hair removal, I’m still waiting on big results on my chin but the hair is a lot more corse so fingers crossed I see results soon, I have included a comparison photo after 7 weeks to show you the difference it has made. Definitely worth a try, so quick and easy to use

lianne Edwards - 35-50

Life changer

After having suffered with PCOS for most of my adult life and the awful symptoms that go with it ,( the worst for me was the facial hair) I decided to give the smooth skin pure machine a try . At this point in my life I was depressed from having a beard , fed up from having to shave multiple times a day and didn’t feel very feminine at all . I felt I had nothing to lose by trying the smoothskin pure and any result would be a bonus . I was so shocked that by week 3-4 of using this device I noticed a huge difference and by week 12 my chin and neck were virtually hair free . My skin feels so smooth now , i am not exaggerating when I say my life has totally changed because of this machine, no more hiding under scarfs or jumpers , I have so much more confidence now . I will definitely be recommending the smoothskin pure device to anybody that listens !

Rachel jones - 35-50

Amazing results

I'm extremely happy with my results ☺ I did my arms and full legs and no growth yet after 4 weeks 💪 usually when I shave I get stubble 3 days later . The ones that did grow , fell out and now there's no hair. I've been recommending it to all my family and friends 💯

Dorra - 35-50


I have tried EVERYTHING. No joke. I’ve had actual professional laser hair removal, electrolysis, shaving, tweezing, shaving cream, shave gel, electrolysis AGAIN, waxing, hair removal cream done ver the counter, prescription hair reduction cream. EVERYTHING. This. Is. Amazing. Worth every penny. I’m including before and after photos because omg. The before photo is from August 2021. The after photo is from today (November 2021). That’s only 3 months. I’m so satisfied with this product.

Liz - 35-50

Amazing results

Having suffered with dark underarm hair and dark skin under the arm and feeling like I constantly have to shave, I have found this device useful in reducing hair growth and lightening the skin under my arm, I enjoy incorporating this device into my beauty regime also. It’s a win win!

Jess R - 23

The best form of hair removal

I love this product and although it takes time to see a difference, the wait is definitely worth it. I’ve noticed a difference in just 12 weeks and throughly enjoy each session. It is completely pain free and so easy and simple to use. 100% recommend.

Chloe G - 27

Best investment ever!

Amazing product, removes hair in such a short time and leaves skin so smooth. It changed completely my routine of having to wax often and spend money all the time. This is a great upgrade! Very easy to use and painless, has left my skin incredibly better and softer.

Melina G - 30

Life changing product

I had coarse thick hair like a men beard on my chin. And it was large quantity. I got hair because I started shaving off my chin in 2010. I suffered a lot because of that as being a woman it's embarrassing. I had to pluck everyday. I had to put concealer. But in daylight you can still see. Fortunately, I saw this product on Amazon. I wasn't sure to invest in it. But I checked some reviews online and I had already invested so much in laser sessions which I couldn't continue as I have a travelling job. I started using this magical product on my chin. I did my laser session almost every night. I continued for almost 20 days. I couldn't believe the embarassment I have been facing for 10 years would be healed this soon. It was worth investing. I really want to thanks everyone at Smoothskin for providing a life changing product. Now I can go out without makeup in daylight with full confidence. I sleepwell now. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Really thanks a ton.

Sana Waris - 28

Life changing product

This product has been life changing for me. I have thick dark hair and shaving gives me in grown hairs everywhere. I’ve tried waxing for years but the expense and upkeep has not been manageable. I’ve been using this product for 12 weeks and I’ve noticed a significant reduction on hair regrowth. I do still have hair growing back but significantly significantly less. It’s so quick to use, painless and I just love it!

Holly - 26


Really pleased with the results of this. My leg hair has almost disappeared and the tiny bit of regrowth is thinner and softer. Its super easy and quick to use and has also improved the skin tone on my legs. Fantastic results!


Game Changer!

I don't usually review my purchases, but I am so impressed with the results I got by using the SmoothSkin Pure device! I have tried all kind of hair removals methodologies, from wax to laser treatments, but this methodologies were very painful and were taking so much time of my personal time! This device is really easy to use, I do my full body in just 10 minutes and I personally don't feel any kind of pain while doing the treatment. I have been using SmoothSkin Pure for more than 10 weeks and my hair grows so weak and my skin feels so smooth and soft! Couldn't be happier!

Alba - 23

Smooth skin pure

This product has amazed me. I have never used something like this before so I didn’t really have an idea going in. I expected it to hurt and to minimise hair growth but I was very wrong. It doesn’t hurt and I have literally no hair growth anymore! It fits in so well to my beauty routine, is so simple to use and super effective.

Chloe D - 25

Just life changing

I went on to this trial very sceptical. I have very dark body hair and did not think that anything would help reduce the hair. However I was proved wrong. The smooth skin device has proven to be the best form of hair reduction that I have ever used. It is pain free, hassle free and just massive convenient. Seeing the weeks go by where my hair has become less dense, dark and visible and it has honestly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I would go 2/3 days max without shaving my legs before whereas now, I have not shaved my less in well over 2 weeks. The device has a very tasteful classy appearance, it is light to hold and quick to use. It’s safe to say it has felt life changing for me and I will never go back to regular hair removal products again.

Shannon B - 25

Lifesaver for a busy mum

As someone who has thick course hair, I have always had to shave at least once a day, and even then if I’m to get goosebumps then my legs become stubbly! Not only has the device allowed me to go a whole week in between shaving, but it’s super quick and easy to use, and as a mum of 3 I’m looking for quick and easy when it comes to doing things for myself! I’m super happy with the results from the use of the device and will be more than happy to recommend to my friends and family!

Vikki L - 33

Really recommend this device!

I have been using the SmoothSkin Pure Device for 12 weeks now and I am so happy with it! This device is perfect in any sense. It is super light and easy to carry around, it works by plugging it in. After a few uses the device becomes much less painful, and more importantly your hair will be completely removed with time! I 100% recommend this device!

Julia - 23

What an amazing product!!

I started using the smoothskin pure on my lower legs during lockdown due to not being able to go to the salon. I have been blown away by how effective this product is. I have always considered myself to have dark and stubborn hair with insanely quick regrowth, so when I found out the salons were closed I was mortified due to my leg hair making me so self conscious. After just 4 weeks I noticed a big difference, with a considerable decrease in hair growth. The Smoothskin Pure is so easy to use and so quick, with just 15 minutes a week required for noticeable results. After the 12 week course of treatments the difference is MASSIVE. I have little to no hair on my lower legs now, I’ve been so impressed I’ve already started treatment on my underarms and my upper leg. This is a must buy for permanent hair removal!

Ella C - 29

5* treatment, absolutely love the device and the outcome it achieves!

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the device and of course the effects it’s had with my hair removal journey, the smooth skin pure is such a sleek device and I can’t express how easy it is to use, I have had a 5* experience using it and have recommended it to friends and family. It’s an enjoyable treatment which makes you feel like your pampering yourself! Love it, thank you for my IPL device!

Alice M - 26

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