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Middle of the range

I must admit it is a good product but I found salon laser more effective however this is a much cheaper alternative and less painful. The product has reduced my hair grown but I am by no means hair free. I did find it difficult to treat certain areas especially curves and I found that in error I often turned it onto glide mode and could not get it back to stamp mode which was irritating. Overall it beats shaving/waxing/plucking however I wish it was suitable for hollywood and perianal.

Elizabeth - 29

Smoothskin gold

yes it really works,!! i have just completed the 12 weeks and there are now No hairs on my legs, from which i started to notice a huge difference within week 6 . my underarms have been a bit more tricky still getting a a light growth but a huge difference than before & just needs a little more work . Now with confidence in using smoothskin gold i have now started the regime on my face ( upper lip ) & bikini area my only suggestion that that maybe it could have a smaller facial attachment as its quite difficult to get the angle for the connecters to line up which may have been easier to use under the arms too , but the Smoothskin gold is so quick and so easy to use with a sensitive mode & auto skin detectors it is certainly well worth the money and i love it !!

Tracy - 45


Iv finished my 12 weeks with this product. Iv noticed a 70% hair loss on bikini area which is amazing! Hopefully the monthly treatments will get rid of the rest of that. The armpits weren't as successful unfortunately, but I do have thick hair. Overall I am thrilled with the result! So much more confident in myself!

Kate - 23

Amazing hair removal!

I was very cynical about buying this product however I thought I would give it a go. I have an unlucky mix of very white skin and very dark thick hair and I have been very self conscious about this since I was a teenager- especially on my stomach and chest. I am on week 10 of SS and it has been life changing and I feel so much more confident about my body. I don't have any annoying stubble, rashes or ingrowing hairs anymore and it has reduced my body hair by about 85%- the only area that has been a bit stubborn is my bikini but it has still reduced the hair dramatically. I dont have to shave my legs anymore and I can wear a bikini now without being embarrassed about shaving rashes and spots. I would definitely recommend this product. :)

Nadia Swindon - 36

Really works

On week 9 and the results are amazing. Brilliant results on my face, bikini line and underarms. Would definitely recommend and it's so easy to use and store. Wish I would have bought smoothskin sooner.❤️

Sam - 40

Worth the investment

I'd been toying with the option of going to a clinic to have IPL done but have always been pushed for time. Then I discovered the Smoothskin Gold and although I was a little put off by the price, the fact that you can pay in 3 monthly instalments and they offered a money back guarantee had me reaching for my credit card. It's so quick & simple to use (although 20 mins to do your whole body? I'm 5'8 and it takes me an hour to do legs, bikini line & underarms) and you can it working a few weeks in. I'm coming up to my 12 weeks and although some areas are a little patchy, I only have to shave once a week and have no shaving rash or itchy grown back in those awkward places! I live in the Med so am so looking forward to my summer of being hairless! It's well worth the money and you won't be disappointed!

kelly van Pooss - 35


I read the reviews before purchasing and hoped they were correct, and they were it does work, I'm onto week twelve, not all hairs have gone there are a few fine ones left, but there is a massive difference. Brilliant product would reccommend

Shellevie - 45

A Must buy - fantastic!

I have just completed week 12 of using my smoothskin gold and, in all honesty I've been preparing hairless skin for weeks now! Having been bothered with unwanted hair for many years I feel liberated and am now ready for monthly maintenance only. I cannot recommend highly enough and am about to buy one for my daughter, who will enjoy the benefit of hair free skin from her 20's onwards - so happy!

Sandra cowe - 52

Best Laser Machine

I NEVER leave reviews usually but this machine has been so successful for me that I had to share my experience with you all. I purchased the laser machine after my sister did some hardcore research on which one we should buy. Smoothskin Gold came out on top and around Christmas time last year I bought this when it was on offer. This is hands down the best investment Ive ever made. I have asian skin and although my hair isnt dark I have always disliked having hair anywhere. I know how many asian women struggle with hair and hair removal and this is the answer to all your problems! The reason I actually bought it was not because I thought it would work on me but it was the money back guarantee that gave me the push to splurge! In fact I actually remember thinking if it doesnt work I'll just send it right back. This machine was effective on me from the first use. Normally I have growth within a couple of weeks but the hair came back so slowly, after a few treatments the hair seemed to get less and I started getting patches. I couldnt actually believe it was working! I was so paranoid about my hair before and now I use this on myself once every few weeks and its the best laser machine ever! I should point out that I have been to a laser clinic too but im super ocd and like everything doing near perfect so having this in the comfort of my own home meant that I could use it in my own time and remove the hair how I want it removed! Honestly this machine is a must its helped me so much and I know that it will do the same for each one of you. Remember you have nothing to lose because it has a money back guarantee. Also i hsd a small fault with my machine when I first got it and they took it back straight away no questions asked. My replacement came very quickly! I cant recommend this enough. Thank you Smoothskin Gold!

Female - 24

Very surprised!

I don't normally write reviews and I have to say that I'm one of those cynics that believe some of the reviews made are by the company! I felt compelled to write this one. I thought I'd have a go at this product because everything else has failed for me. I have very dark hair and a lot of it!! I've tried epilation, electrolysis, name it I've tried it. I'm on my 5th week with Smoothskin and the difference already is unbelievable. If I'm less hairy at this stage, I cannot wait until 10week 12!! Gone are the in growing hairs of waxing and shaving. Gone is the pain of epilation and waxing. This is quick, painless and it works What's left to say???!

Rachel - 38


i could see the difference after six weeks it really works

mohan Phander - 52

It Works!

Having worked in a skin clinic with very powerful IPL machines,I was sceptical that this would be powerful enough. After reading and researching the Smoothskin Gold, I decided to try it. I am on week 5 and up to now have had around an 80 percent reduction in hair growth. I am still doing weekly treatments and will continue to but I am very happy already.

Andrea Buxton - 44

What you waiting for?

Love it love I love it!! Wish I had got it sooner.

Linda - 44

Life-changing (no exaggeration)

I just wanted to say many thanks for your excellent customer service when I bought the smooth skin device - the lady who took my order over the phone was great and it arrived the next day. In the time I\ve had it, it's already totally changed my life - it's AMAZING, and has persuaded my sister to purchase one for herself. We are of South Asian origin, so of darker (mid-olive tone) skin and it has worked perfectly. I've noticed since my mid-30s that my facial hair has increased. I've gone from having way below average bodily hair up to average (asking around my female friends on how often they pluck etc) ...lately I was tweezing my chin every other morning and waxing my upper lip once a week. In 3-4 weeks of using the SS I have gone from all that to finding the only odd facial hair (lower cheeks, upper lip and chin) about once a fortnight :-D . And I will of course be zapping those into oblivion in due course! My armpit hair is proving a bit more stubborn I think because of the natural inward curve of that area, but even that has gone from shaving stubble every morning to once a week already. My arms are hair-free now, and my legs have only patchy hair remaining. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INVENTING THE SS IPL, it's by far the best money I've ever spent on a beauty device. I am one VERY HAPPY customer :-) :-) :-)

Sophia - 43

Excellent Product

I wish this had been available years ago - at week 9 fantastic results. Thank you!!!

Jane Robertson - 53

Ace product

I have been using mine for 8 weeks and I have little to no hair left on my legs and am pits. I didn't think that it would work but it does, it's well worth the money. I have recommended this to all of my friends !!

Kim - 33

6 weeks in

I have been using the smooth skin for 6 weeks now, I have already noticed a significant reduction in hair re growth. The smooth skin is quick and easy to use, a great purchase :)

Leonie - 32

Great results from Smoothskin Gold

I am only half way through treatment but really pleased with results so far and would highly recommend

Fiona Horner - 49

Amazing Results!!!

I am amazed with the results of this great product! After years of battling with facial hair trying every product and wasting hundreds if not thousands pounds on laser treatment from salons this product actually works! It's completely changed my life's now week 7 and up to 75% of my hair has gone. Words cannot describe my feelings ..for those if u unsure try it really does work! The only regret I have is where has this product been all this time? ! Thank u smooth skin u have really changed my life

Fatima - 33

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