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Fab Fab Fab

After years of trying everything from shaving, waxing, epilating, creams, bleaches I was willing to try anything. Saw tv advert by chance and was a little sceptical but was persuaded by money back guarantee. I'm so glad I did.... I've treated facial, bikini line and underarm so far. So easy to use and the results are quite unbelievable. I started to notice a real difference after about week 4, but still had the odd thick stubborn facial hair to contend with.... now week 12 and it's all gone!! I wish this had been available years ago. Now starting on legs..... I would recommend anyone buying this product - if you're unsure give it a go, and I promise you won't regret it :)

Debbie - 48

hair-free at last

I am 65 and it seems that for most of my life I have been fighting a losing battle with the hair on my upper lip. Now at last I seem to have finally beaten it. After 11 sessions the hair on both sides of my upper lip appears to have gone and is smooth. I am delighted with this product and can recommend it. The problem I do have however is with the bit of my upper lip beneath my nostrils as I find it extremely difficult to get the Smooth skin to work there as the section that flashes is too big and doesn't touch both sides so doesn't flash. I contacted Smoothskin for advice who were very helpful and suggested I put damp cotton wool pads under my top lip to pad it out which does help a bit but the centre part is not yet hair free and is stubbly and is going to take a lot more work on it. I feel that the flashing head should be a bit smaller to enable this section of the upper lip to be treated. Once I have fully cleared the lip I will start on my underarms then my legs. I would like to have been able to treat my chin but the hairs are too fair so this product cannot treat it unfortunately. However overall very good and as mentioned it is the first time my upper lip has been mainly hair free. I hope it lasts and doesn't grow back when I stop using it every week

Francine Davis - 65

It really does work!

Was very very hairy. Waxing barely got me through a two week holiday. Underarms used to need shaving daily and even then had an unpleasant shadow. After 6 weeks were completely hair free. Lower legs bald except for the odd straggler that I probably missed when zapping. Much quicker to use than I had expected. Only place that had any difficulty with is my upper lip. Could do with some kind of attachment to focus laser on small area. That said, I am delighted. It was worth the money. At last I won't have to plan 3 days ahead in order to go swimming this summer!!

Penny Bottoni - 53


I have had facial hair all my life and tried everything to remove it . I can't imagine how much money I have spent on trying everything to remove it. I saw this advertised on tv and checked the reviews and decided to try it. Even after the first 2 treatments I noticed the difference. I am on treatment 9 now and have more confidence than I have ever had I can't express how much this has changed me it's £300 well spend just wished I had had it years ago. I have even tied my hair back for the first time in 20 years.

julie - 45

brilliant results!

I have just finished the 12 week programme and have had amazing results. I was quite skeptical at first being asian with dark hair, thinking it wouldn't work at all but the money back guarantee drew me in. I went on holiday last year and had to shave every single day. After just 4 weeks there is a noticeable difference. 12 weeks in and my legs, arms and face are hairless.. no need for shaving everyday! My underarms still need work but im estatic with the results everywhere else. Was definitely worth the money spent. Have recommended it to a few friends already. Really looking forward to the next holiday where i wont have to worry about shaving or waxing. Fantastic product.

anita - 25

It works also for men

Very good product. After 12 sesions most of hair in most of areas treated are out or very slowly growing. For a man that's a good experience. I'd need to repeat some times more for the more hard areas but in general I'm very satisfied.

Pedro - 43


Easy to use and practically painless. I wish it had been around years ago, it would have saved me a lot of money and time.

Sally Sullivan - 42


Just about to prepare by legs by shaving them prior to wk4 treatment and I've realised there is almost no hair to be seen! If these are the results after a quarter of the recommended treatment, I have every hope of complete success at the end of 12 weeks. So easy to use and pretty much painless (especially after having used an epilator - ouch!). I would highly recommend!

Sandra, Glasgow - n/a

Week 12

I haven't noticed any reduction in hair growth in 12 weeks

Janet - 52

omg ! amazeballs

I was like a werewolf - I'd shave and need to shave again the next day smoothskin has changed my life. After just 6 weeks my armpits are practically hair free and my legs are smooth. I love it best Xmas present ever.

sarah - 42

Excellent results

I went to a salon a number of years ago and had my upper lip, lower legs and arm pits "lasered". The effects were fantastic, but as I am getting older a few hairs are starting to reappear. I also wanted to do my thigh area. I was a little worried about using the product at first, but its so easy and quick and the results seem to be great so far, I am on week 10 and think its brilliant - have also used on my forearms!!

Nicola Collins - n/a

Love it!

Have recommended this to all my friends. I used to shave my under arms daily but now only need do it once a week (I'm on week 10) Already completed 12 weeks on my lower leg and my legs feel super smooth. Can't wait for some sun now so I can get my legs out without prepping them! Definitely worth the money.

Hayley - 27


Only on week 5 and seeing results on my chest. Easy to use, quite enjoy the slight smell of 'burning' hair as I can 'smell' it working. Very little discomfort, have not needed to use the feather feature. Can't wait to be hair free! Finally in my reach.

David - 30

Beautiful skin - finally

i have never seen my legs looking so smooth. It is so noticeable. I recommend anyone who has tried everything on the market to buy one, you will not regret it. So much quicker than waxing, epilating, etc. so glad I did.

Iris waters - n/a


Amazig results especially after having reservations having had used the TRia 4x laser for a year, which did not provide excellent results as smoothsking gold. SS is much less time consuming and faster to use.

Bashira Lunat - n/a

Loving it.

After years and I say years of waxing shaving threading epilator laser electrolysis bleach cream everything and anything nothing worked for me only did for a time and then I'd become a ware wolf again. ..well not that bad anyway. Smoothskin gold is the best thing ever . You start noticing by week 3. The beauty of Smoothskin gold is that you can use it in the comfort of your own home and use it on what areas you want treated after shaving. It's the best thing I bought for myself . Thank you. Asia

Asia - 41

Thankyou smoothskin

I never leave reviews but I just would like people to know it really does work , after years off trying nearly everything you can buy . This is my best one yet I was very hairy on my face and felt so embarrassed, I knew people just starred at me . Well not no more I love machine and really can not praise it enough .

Maxine - 46


Very easy to use ,in the privacy of your on home very effective .would definitely recommend reduced hair on chin & upper lip almost disappeared all together

Julie Spiers -Morgan - n/a

Peace of mind now

Definitely would recommend smooth skin gold it has definitely made such a big difference and I feel having it at home I have complete control with my sessions and how I feel and look. Love it!

Shazia Khan - 40

It works!!!

I've reached the 12 week mark and I can happily report that the smooth skin gold device has delivered everything it says it does. Amazing!! I have spent years de-fuzzing using various products from razors to wax strips, depilatory creams and back to razors. Being dark haired and fair skined put me as the ideal candidate for IPL and so I took the plunge and purchased the smoothskin gold and am so glad I did. I used the device on my upper lip, under arms, legs and bikini line. I still have a few sprouting patches On my lower legs so will continue my weekly regime until all the hairs are gone. I went from shaving my legs and underarms nearly every day to once a week in the space of 6weeks . Laser treatment years ago on my upper lip did not work and I found it highly embarrassing. All gone now! I love that you can use this device in the privacy of your own home. I can't wait for summer. Life is going to be so much easier without worrying when I'm going to have to de-fuzz. Highly recommend this product.

Jenny Smith - 38

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