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Really works

Jess | Male | 25 | 5 * * * * *

Only been useing smooth skin for 3 weeks and already really happy with the results It really does work

It really does work!

Kelly | Female | 28 | 5 * * * * *

I have to say that I had doubts about smooth skin, I doubted that something could really reduce the hair growth that I had, especially on thicker areas. Also I had seen mixed reviews about home systems too, but it has worked great. It's easy to use - I do it while watching TV, and on my 12th week almost all of my leg and underarm hair is gone!! It literally just first grow! I used to spend hours waxing it every fortnight! Just a few more treatments and I reckon I'll be completely hair free. For a girl that is a godsend! Love it and will recommend :)


Maz | Female | 41 | 5 * * * * *

I am now on my 11th week of treatment and am totally amazed how this product has worked. YES!!! It does actually work - best product ever fro hair removal.

So quick

Danielle | Female | 24 | 5 * * * * *

I can't believe how easy it is to use. Not painful at all. I'm on week 4 of underarms and bikini line and already have some very attractive hairless patches....! Looking forward to week 12 and the freedom beyond!!

Changed My Life!

Sugar | Female | 25 | 5 * * * * *

Cannot believe in didn't come across this product sooner! Why isn't there more advertising and publicity because this product is simply amazing. Have been using it for 3 weeks now and already I can't see any hairs on my arms and the best thing is it really does what the products name suggests and that is gives you smooth skin! My skin feels amazing. Have also been using it on my legs and they're as smooth as my arms cannot recommend this product enough! Thankyou IPulse! I have so much more confidence now and can't wait to try it on other areas. Price may be a little high but worth every single penny!

Worth the money!!!

Ann | Female | n/a | 5 * * * * *

I have been using smoothskin Gold for 2 weeks now and i am really impressed with the results!!! I cant wait for week 12... Anyone who has any doubts about buying this product shouldn't !! It is amazing!!!

Didn't work

Lucie | Female | 26 | 1 * * * * *

I really wanted the product to work as i have very thick and fast growing hair. If i wanted constantly smooth legs i would need to shave with a fresh blade twice a day. This looked like the perfect solution. I followed all the tips (exfoliate etc) and still 10 weeks into the treatments i did not notice any difference. I am gutted.

Great results

Suki | Female | 43 | 4 * * * * *

I am into week 5 now and can see great results on my legs and arms. Skin is silky soft too. Recommend to anyone with excess hair growth.

Best IPL on the market

Marcello Fossella | Male | 40 | 5 * * * * *

I've been using the SmoothSkin Ipulse Extra for about 9 treatments out of the recommended 12. I have been treating my chest and upper legs and front neck. I've done a lot of research over the past year and for a guy, you cannot find a more powerful IPL on the market for the advertised price. After 9 treatments I have almost no hair on my chest and upper legs. After 6 treatments on my front neck, the hairs are becoming sparser with each passing week. I would always get razor burn and ingrown hairs on my neck due to shaving and now it is getting smoother. I am truly amazed. If a home device can removal thick male neck hair in a short amount of time, you KNOW its powerful. It does takes commitment, but if you are determined to be hair free and can get through the initial 12 treatments, you are home free after that. I am using the pervious version and the gel helps keep my skin cool. Before the Boots IPL I was using the Flash & Go for about 2 months. I was disappointed to find that after a certain amount of treatments with the Flash & Go, the results would stagnate. Many hairs would return. I decided to buy the Ipulse to see if I could get better results and I sure did! It was painless compared to the F&G and it was at the highest power output. I found that the F&G is just half of the power of the Ipulse at its highest setting. Well worth the money compared to saloon IPL removal sessions and it was all done in the privacy of my home. If I ever run out of shots with this device, I would upgrade to the GOLD see how it does.


Rachel Turner | Female | 26 | 5 * * * * *

A little tricky to start with but results are great!

Beginning to see results

Jacqueline | Female | 47 | 4 * * * * *

My daughter and I are now on week five of using smoothskin gold and we are both beginning to see results, some areas completely hair free others a bit more stubborn but I am confident these will also become hair free, I have however for my review deducted one star as I think for a product of this price a better storage container /pouch would be appropriate instead of the silky slip that does not accommodate the cable so now have to store this in a separate bag. Overall very pleased with my purchase and the option of three months interest free and 90 day returns is Peace of mind

Didn't work

Emma | Female | 27 | 1 * * * * *

Followed the programme and all the tips on the support page eg exfoliating, no plucking etc, but haven't noticed a difference in any area. I even emailed to ask advice to see if i could be doing anything else to help things along, but was just told to continue to follow the programme. Very disappointed.


joanne | Female | 43 | 5 * * * * *

Well its,week five of my treatment and the results so far are fab i had lazer years ago and must say this is the same affect i have very dark strong hair am so glad i bought this because it really does work great price to compared to salon treatment you must buy and try

Very Good Product!

Fatemeh Torabi | Female | 25 | 4 * * * * *

I am in week 6 of the program and so far I saw the effects and I have a smooth skin. Can't wait for week 12!

Noticeable difference in 6 weeks

A Edmonds | Female | 47 | 5 * * * * *

The price of smooth skin put me off for a while but 6 weeks in and I hardly have any hair on lower legs now. After years of sugaring, waxing & epilating, this could finally be the answer. Easy to use and painless.

Looking good so far!

Priya | Female | 35 | 4 * * * * *

Been using for about 7 weeks so far on my underarms. Always been sceptical about home hair reduction devices but have definately seen a difference so far- lighter texture and fewer hairs growing already. Have now started treating other areas...looking forward to the results!

Smooth skin gold

Hilary | Female | 43 | 5 * * * * *

Used on my bikini line for 8 weeks before my holiday and was completely hair free. Really pleased with results. Will try on other areas. Very easy to use

Meets expectations

Sarah Gluszek | Female | 24 | 4 * * * * *

Happy with this device so far! I'm on Week 6 and I'm already noticing slower regrowth and thinner hair. Can't wait to see the results at the end of the 12 weeks!

Works great on legs

Rose | Female | 20 | 5 * * * * *

Worked well on my legs, looking forward to seeing if it works on my underarms.

Good so far

anonymous | Female | 43 | 5 * * * * *

Only small area tested, will be looking forward to doing the complete area.

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