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Say goodbye to unwanted body hair!

I hate bodyhair, shaving doesnt last long enough, waxing leaves you with ingrown hairs and you have to let the hair get uncomfortably long before you can do anything about it! This device is a god send, i have battled with unwanted body hair for sooo long. i'm only two weeks in to the intial 12 week treatment plan and i can already see a dramatic reduction in the amount of hair. The treatment itself can be a little painful in certain places, like the armpits, but you soon get used to it, its incredibly simple to use and comes with clear easy to follow instructions. The box it comes in stores the device perfectly, you even get a little pouch if you want to store it in that instead All in all very, very pleased with this product, like i said only two weeks in and i can already see a huge difference, cant wait to see the results as the treatment goes on, i would highly recommend this product to anyone who battles with unwanted body hair

Vicky Tofield - 29

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