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Hair less

Zuleka Patel | Female | 36 | 4 * * * * *

I'm on week 8 of my treatments and at first I wasn't impressed for a couple of weeks but now on week 8 I can say the hair in my face and neck is a lot less and I'm happy with it. I initially had lots of expensive laser treatments and the hair was still coming back so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I reviewed this smoothskin gold and thought I'll go for it. Overall quiet happy so far!

Still great!

Sarah G | Female | 26 | 4 * * * * *

I used Smoothskin for 12 weeks when I first bought it last year and it reduced my hair growth so much so that I was able to shave less often, and to even shave my bikini line without fear of ingrown hairs. Now more than a year on I am restarting the 12 week period to see if I can reduce my hair even more. After week 2 I am already seeing results, having less hair regrowth than even after the first time I used Smoothskin. I would highly recommend this home laser removal, it has been a great investment for me, so much so that my boyfriend wants me to use it on him next! Haha.

Money well spent!

Cheryl Turner | Female | 37 | 5 * * * * *

So many hair removal methods and one thankfully gave me a money back guarantee which I had to make use of. The SmoothSkin Gold however, worked a treat! So easy and quick to use! Very effective on my dark hair! Love this product!

Its been a year now......

Julie Collins | Female | 49 | 5 * * * * *

I have now been using my Smooth Skin Gold for over a year and am overall very pleased with the results. I had shaved/waxed for years and the hairs on my legs had got thick and dark. Since using the Smooth Skin Gold the difference is amazing! The hairs when they do grow back (and most don't), are fairer and finer. I would not have thought that results like these were possible. Thanks Smooth Skin Gold, you have given me time back in my life to enjoy......

Very impressed

A. | Female | 44 | 5 * * * * *

Very pleased with purchase. Has worked incredibly well on my legs and has made a noticeable difference to underarms in 12 weeks. Very pleased

Still great!

Sarah G | Female | 26 | 4 * * * * *

I used Smoothskin for 12 weeks when I first bought it last year and it reduced my hair growth so much so that I was able to shave less often, and to even shave my bikini line without fear of ingrown hairs. Now more than a year on I am restarting the 12 week period to see if I can reduce my hair even more. After week 2 I am already seeing results, having less hair regrowth than even after the first time I used Smoothskin. I would highly recommend this home laser removal, it has been a great investment for me, so much so that my boyfriend wants me to use it on him next! Haha.


Angela Paletta-Gahame | Female | 47 | 5 * * * * *

I'm 5 weeks into the 12 week programme and I'm virtually hair free in the areas I've treated. I'm very impressed with the results and have found the treatment process quick, all done within half an hour. I noticed improved results in the reduction of hair regrowth between treatments when I started to shave just before each treatment as oppsed to shaving the night before doing the treatment. I'm very happy with Smoothskin Gold and would recommend it. There is nothing I dislike about it!

Nearly great

Laura | Female | 42 | 4 * * * * *

I have used it for 12 weeks (full body) and the results are amazing nearly everywhere(hence 4 stars rather than 5) .The results on my chin and face are very dissapointing, but since it has worked wonders everywhere else I am happy to carry on and hopefully I will see good results on my face soon.

It really does work

Kalli Kaur | Female | 42 | 5 * * * * *

It actually does work and is worth spending the money and time doing the weekly treatments as the results are better than expected. Skin is so smooth, can't wait for summer now!


Heather | Female | 32 | 5 * * * * *

I am so so pleased with this machine. I have light/medium skin, with very dark and very coarse hair all over my body. For years I have struggled with hair removal, nothing seemed to work, at least for any length of time. I would sit for about 3 hours in agony epilating, only to still have to use a razor daily whilst on holiday for example. I get very bad rashes when shaving and def couldn't rely on it as my main form of hair removal. I'm on my 5th treatment now, and so far i have massive patches where the hair hasn't grown back in. The usual troublesome areas for me (such as backs of calves and top of thighs) is going to be tougher and take longer, but I'm positive that it will get better after more treatments. The same applies to my face, but i will update after the 12 weeks. (I would've waited til then to do my initial review but I was too excited by the results so far!!) The device itself is so simple to use - lightweight, easy to hold, and so fast. I can get it all done in less than half an hour! I don't find the treatments to be painful, although it stings a little bit in a couple of areas that are heavier growth for me, but nothing at all like waxing or epilating. It can be a tiny bit tricky to do certain parts of my legs (like around the knees) or part of my chin because both the sensors do not touch the skin, but this isn't enough of a reason for me to drop a star. Perhaps a smaller window attachment would help here. I'm starting to feel more 'human' than i have in years and it is all down to this ipl machine. No nasty ingrown hairs, no massive lumps or scars from epilating. I have very sensitive skin, therefore I was quite worried about having to shave on a constant basis in between treatments, but I have found that due to less hair growing back, and the speed in which it does, means that its not as bad as I thought. I do get itchy legs with shaving, but I can live with that if these results continue!! I had 6 professional ipl treatments at a salon and although the results were probably quicker there, I have no doubt that this machine will eventually have the same results. After I finished my 6 salon treatments hair grew back in quite quickly so I am under no illusion that there will be any permanent results. I know that this will be an ongoing process for me and even after the 12 weeks i will still have do use the device on a regular basis to keep it all at bay! I wasn't expecting miracles when I bought the Smoothskin, I figured that if it made me a bit more 'normal' then I'd be happy, But, I can truthfully say that it has exceeded my expectations! Thank you SMOOTHSKIN!! :) I will review after my 12 treatments! :)

It works

Chandra | Female | 26 | 5 * * * * *

Have just finished week 12, there are areas with no hair and areas that still need to be treated, so overall I'm very happy.

hair free

Christine | Female | 58 | 5 * * * * *

After only 6 sessions totally hair free on armpits and legs wow!


Denise | Female | 35 | 5 * * * * *

I am absolutely amazed with this product. I am medium skinned with very dark hair. I have been using this product for around 8 weeks now, every week as per instruction. My armpits are now virtually free of hair, apart from one or two stubborn ones, however, they are a lot finer than they were before and I think after another 4 weeks those little stubborn ones will be gone too. My legs, well, what can I say! After two weeks of not touching them with a razor, I can say I have had around an 80% reduction in re growth. There are just straggly patches growing through which I now don't even shave, I just blitz them each week with the machine. The only area its not working so well on is my upper lip, but my chin and neck is all just blonde fine hair now with none of those thick black ones coming through. I can honestly say its amazing and I am very happy with this purchase. Nice smooth (mostly) arms, legs, bikini line etc. Fantastic!


Jill Dilley | Female | 51 | 5 * * * * *

I have just finished my 12 weeks and am very impressed, I followed the instructions exactly and took my time making sure the areas were covered. I have worked on my legs and underarms and am now about to start on my bikini line. After about 5-6 treatments, there was no need to shave my legs or underarms between treatments and my skin feels so soft. I shall just deal with any re-growth as and when it appears. Overall thoroughly impressed and well worth the money

It is not permanent hair removal!!

Janina | Female | 30 | 1 * * * * *

I have the Smooth skin for over 4 months and yes I can say the hair is reduced but it is definelely not permanently removed. If YOU follow the instructions to use the product every month after the 12 weeks is as you never used it and have to start all over again, I only waited 2 weeks and was enough , all the hair was visible. Very disapponted wish I never have bought it.

So amazed!

Christelle Lorin | Female | 42 | 5 * * * * *

I cannot believe the difference Smoothskin makes in my life! After 5 weeks only, I can really notice a diiference , especially on my face ( I had to shave everyday). My skin is smoother and clearer. And it is so easy and fast to use. I would recommend it to anyone with facial hairs problem

So far so good!

DEBORAH HUMPHREYS | Female | 45 | 4 * * * * *

I have the latest Smooth Skin Gold IPL and have started to see results after week 5 of treatments. I have used it on my lower legs, bikini line, underarms and chin area. I thought my Smooth Skin would be very time consuming but I can cover these areas in 20 minutes now. I know it's an expensive item but not when compared to the cost of salon trestments.The unit is great to hold, very comfortable and nicely styled. I really love the lights up the side which test the skin colour and show me the strength of the laser whilst I zap. I am impressed at how quick the glide setting is. It did sting a little at times - far more than doing separate shots. There is a gentle button option which I think next week I may use on certain areas. 20 mins is so easy to keep up with and no messy gels! I will update in a couple of months on progress but so pleased I have this. A very happy customer so far.

Life Changing

Lucy | Female | 31 | 5 * * * * *

As a PCOS sufferer the daily battle of removing unwanted hair and all the rashes, bumps and discomfort that goes with it has been something I have lived with years . I have tried everything in the past to no avail and so was extremely sceptical about parting with nearly £300. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made and even after just a few uses I have seen a remarkable reduction in hair regrowth and none of the usual ingrowing hairs or rashes. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Will it work?

Tanya | Female | 31 | 2 * * * * *

Not sure if most people's reviews are paid ones, but I'm 3 weeks in (4th treatment today) and I can't see any difference yet. I'm very pale and have extremely black, coarse hair. I'm treating my legs only at the moment as they annoy me the most. I've had this hairy problem since my teenage years. According to doctors I don't have pcos or hirsutism ( although I'm pretty darn hairy..we're talking hair on nipples, chin,upper lip, cheeks, stomach, fingers, toes, butt cheeks etc etc) I saved up a long time for this machine and was having highest hopes but so far I can't tell the difference. I'm going on a beach vacation soon and I tell you, usually even if I shave in the morning (wet) I'll have re growth within hours and since my skin is sensitive I won't be able to shave wet again for a week as I get painful, itchy pimples from shaving so I'll have to resort to dry/electric shaver which means I'll be stubbly. I really hope that I'll see some results. I bought this machine at boots and I'm starting to wonder if I can return it even though I didn't buy through the smooth skin site.

Mixed feelings

Hayley Markham | Female | 33 | 3 * * * * *

I'm torn on this product. I have religiously stuck to the 12 week programme and have mixed feelings about its claims to permanently reduce hair. Being an ideal candidate I.e. Pale skin and dark hair I had high hopes for ditching the razors for Xmas however in reality this may end up being next year! Whilst I can see less of an irritation after shaving, I would say I have only about a 20% reduction in regrowth and more peculiar the regrowth is particularly prickly which goes against the theory of weakened hair follicles. I will persist though as I've invested time and money into this. If I were on the design team I would consider a head much like the Dyson ball as it is very tricky to do the lower legs in any other way than in small bands due to the sensors on the head.

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