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Mixed feelings

I'm torn on this product. I have religiously stuck to the 12 week programme and have mixed feelings about its claims to permanently reduce hair. Being an ideal candidate I.e. Pale skin and dark hair I had high hopes for ditching the razors for Xmas however in reality this may end up being next year! Whilst I can see less of an irritation after shaving, I would say I have only about a 20% reduction in regrowth and more peculiar the regrowth is particularly prickly which goes against the theory of weakened hair follicles. I will persist though as I've invested time and money into this. If I were on the design team I would consider a head much like the Dyson ball as it is very tricky to do the lower legs in any other way than in small bands due to the sensors on the head.

Hayley Markham - 33

Amazing Product

After reading hundreds of reviews I took the plunge and bought my Smooth Skin Gold. I was pleasantly surprised at the fact there was no pain whatsoever, just a hot "twanging" that lasted a second. After the second week I already noticed reduction in hair growth and from around week 6 large patches of hair free skin! Now on week 12 I can safely say that I am mostly free of unwanted hair other than the odd one. This product is well worth the money and time it takes to treat (it took me approx 1/2 hour to do underarms, bikini area and lower leg)

Kylie - 35

Amazing - changed my life!

I was initially very slow to buy this product - I meticulously researched other brands - read as many reviews as I could on this site - and then I finally took the plunge. I was worried about how painful it would be - but was swayed by the power of this product compared to others - and the 90 day money back guarantee as I thought I could just return it if it didn't work for me. I have fair/olive skin and dark hair, so I am the right candidate - and I saw INSTANT results. It's incredible not to have to wax/pluck/bleach/obsess on a daily basis. It's liberating in a world where adult women are judged for having body hair. I do my once a week shot and that's it. I've now done my 3 week course and apart from little top-ups - the hair is fine, sparse and I just keep up with little bits that are stubborn or I've missed on a 1-2 week basis. I've done legs, underarm, upper lip/jaw & bikini - anywhere the product guidance says is safe. I now wonder how I ever lived without this little machine - and wish I had tried this years and years ago. I'm saving hundreds on beauty appointments - and can take control of my body. My confidence has gone through the roof. I don't have to think about whether I need to bleach anymore - I can wear what I want - I can't wait for summer now - I can even go swimming when I want. Thank you Smoothskin - this has been a life-changer!

Cat - 36


Nine weeks into the twelve weeks and the results are truly outstanding.. I have found patience and finding a good technique to get the maximum amount of LEDs before each flash.. Hoping for permanent hair reduction... Only time will tell....

Carl - na

Worth it !

After 12 weeks regime I can say that works didn't remove all my hair what I wanted but seriously reduced .My life is much easier now :) no waxing,no epilating just some shaving .I can go swimming without worries definately build my confidence.Thank you so much .

Ewa Lau - 36

Very impressed

I have to admit to being sceptical but after the 12 week regime I am very impressed especially bikini and underarms which I thought would be toughest. I have clearly "missed bits" on my legs as it is really hard to remember where you have zapped but will keep on going and hope they will give up and shrivel away too. But less impressed on some of the very light hairs on my face but would recommend in general.

Liz - 46

Love it

It's is a most loveliest thing I've ever had. I can't explain how beautiful my skin feels now. It's a new me. Go ahead a buy it u won't regret

Sameera nawab - 40yrs


I am halfway through the 12 weeks and have noticed a reduction of regrowth. Do not much like having to shave my face before using, this is a first! Very easy to use although need to get used to the size of the zap area to ensure I do not miss an area whilst focused on avoiding a repeat zapping of the same area. Glad to report no redness of skin after use as I was concerned my sensitive skin may react. Have even done it in the morning before leaving house, it is that good!

Ms L Green - 40

How to banish away too much hair blues

This is a revolutionary product to arrest and cut down the stubborn overwhelming hair growth. I never considered such a product before as I would always be concerned about side affect. So a balanced decision led me to give it a go and I was pleasantly pleased. It is a an attractive looking piece of equipment and looks very professional. On my first use I could smell a hint of burning and some sparks were a little more felt than others. I was nervous and soon built up my confidence as it is relatively simple to use and I rang up the customer care team with about 10 question to which the gentleman was very kind and well informed. I have been using this product for 6 weeks now and checking the website I discovered 12 weeks recommended as before reading this I was going to query why I am still getting stubble on my legs and chin especially. This is why I am giving this product a 4 star for now, as hopefully it will ultimately give a smooth result. Aside that I am extremely happy I feel clean and more feminine as I only have to quickly glance my razor across daily which only takes a minute. A huge thanks to the makers and technological advancement as for myself and many woman this kind of hair growth especially the velous hair on the face can be unwelcome and embarrassing.

Gaynor Young - 52

I love it!

Obviously as most people, I was hesitant to buy it but desperate for something to remove my body hair permanently. I got it for £299 from Boots. I absolutely love it. I have oliveish brown skin with black hair, it was normal on my face, not coarse or anything and slightly thicker on my body, basically all over my body, not that thick but it was unattractive. Since buying, I have used it twice on my face and 3 times on my body, once a week. I will be using it again in a few days. My facial hair has reduced massively! There is practically nothing there now, just a few hairs here and there, my upper lip probably needs a few more sessions though. I absolutely love the results. I'm just cautious about using it on my face again because I'm positive I've been breaking out because of IPL. I've gotten a few large red lumps, just on the sides of my face and hair line, they're not a major problem at the moment but I'm cautious about using it again in case I get more spots on more obvious areas of my face. My body hair has reduced SO MUCH, I haven't shaved at all in between. There are still areas of my arms where there are patches of hair but as I said my hair isn't that thick or anything so its barely noticeable. My main problem before buying the machine was when it started to grow back it was rough and unsightly but now I am starting to see beautiful smooth skin and I love it! There is also a massive reduction on my underarms, legs and bikini line, remember I have only used it three times and the results are unbelievable. I am so so pleased, in the long run it's definitely worth it and saves money. I 100% recommend it. Oh also, it takes me about 20 minutes to do my whole body (full arms, full legs, stomach, chest, underarms) and not even 5 minutes on my face!

mehmoona tanvir - 20


I brought the smoothskin gold after a friend recommended it. I will admit I was really sceptical about it, I didn't think it would work. After week 3 I started to notice a real difference in hair growth. It was much slower. Week 4 and 5 it started to get patchy. By week 10 and 11 I didn't really need to shave my legs before I used the device. I'm on day 7 since I last used it and I'm really really looking forward to seeing how long the smooth feeling is going to last. Best buy of the year so far and I would recommend it 100%

Victoria Berry - 30

Love it, so easy to use.

So easy to use, it automatically detects the tone of your skin, so no guessing. The glide and stamp feature is very good and saves time. There is a gentle mode which is useful for sensitive areas. It is mains powered so you never run out of charge. I am currently on week 6 of treaatment and I am noticing a definite reduction in hair growth. I highly recommend SmoothSkin Gold!

anne-marie critchley - 44

Best hair removal system I've found so far

As a regular shaver and waxer, my friend out me on to the Smoothskin system as a way to try and cut down the number of visits I have to make to the salon and it's definitely done the trick. Rather than shaving every other day and waxing before big holidays, I only have to think about shaving once a week as a touch up on those hairs that I've clearly missed with the Smoothskin. It's not 100% perfect - in an ideal world I'd never have hair where I don't want it ever again. But it's certainly saved my poor skin from having to deal with hair removal on a regular basis.

Belinda - 31

Worth the money

Very effective on all the trouble spots. It doesn\'t take long before you see a real difference. I would say I have 75% less hair on the lower legs, 70% less on the underarm and 85% less on the bikini which are the areas I have treated to date. I would completely recommend this product.

Jo - 34

Amazing results

I am thrilled with this product. I have used other home hair removal laser products over the years, but never got good results, so I was a bit sceptical about this one, but I needn't be. I'm olive skin tone with dark hair. I have used it on my legs, bikini, under arms and face, all areas have had great results, the hair is a lot less and patchy, to date I have done 9 treatments. It is definately worth the money, makes my life a lot easier not having to worry about unsightly hair. Between the weekly treatments I hardly have anything to shave, which is a great sign and the hair that does grow back seems softer and not prickly. I 100% recommend the product and as they offer a money back gaurentee, you have nothing to loose. I don't normally leave reviews, but felt this product was worth it.

Rebecca - 32

So far impressed

I have had the smooth skin gold for 12 weeks now. I bought it direct from this website and paid in 3 instalments with a 30 pounds discount. That all worked very well. I have missed a few weeks of treatment here and there so have used it probably 9 times on various body parts. Legs, can take a while and is a bit boring, probably 40 mins to do both full legs. I haven\\\\\\\'t had to shave my legs for about 3 weeks. I have missed the odd area due to my error so the odd patch has grown but I will just catch up on these. Very happy. Underarms, quite painful so used lighter setting, hair gone in most places, will up the strength now to zap the last bits, feeling confident all hair will be gone. Bikini line, very affective. Hair all gone now. Face, was very reluctant to shave hair as I usually wax, but the hair was getting course on my chin and neck and upper lip so thought I would just go for it. All chin hair has gone, upper lip nearly all gone, confident the last few hairs will go. The machine is very easy to use, if there is an awkward bit where I can\\\\\\\'t get the light sensors both covered I use a bit of white card to cover the light sensor that isn\\\\\\\'t touching the skin which is handy for bony ankles, upper lip, and fingers and toes. I am fair skinned with dark hair, so I guess a good candidate for this. I\\\\\\\'m very pleased with the results, particularly with my facial hair reduction because all the black dots and ingrown hairs have gone leaving my skin looking very clear and younger. I no longer feel paranoid about my boyfriend looking closely at my face and it is so much of a relief. All the nasty rash from under my chin where I was getting ingrown hairs has gone. I have saved masses of time with the tweezers in the bathroom. I am planning on zapping the last remaining hairs then doing hairs on my tummy and chest (only have the odd stray hair there.) The treatment is not really painful, feels a bit hot more than anything, under my arms was the worst so I lowered the setting. Not as bad as waxing at all. Over all I am very happy with the results, just wish I could get rid of fine blond hairs on my cheeks, I\\\\\\\'m wondering about dying them so the machine works! I do think they have reduced just not completely gone. The thing that has made me most happy is how smooth and Young my face looks. Especially my chin, under chin and upper lip. It\\\\\\\'s such a confidence booster. I just wish I had bought this when I was a teenager. I didn\\\\\\\'t have chin hair then but all the rest was there. I would say it works best on thick black hair, well that was the first hair to stop growing back anyway. It took about 5 treatments before I noticed a real difference. Buy it you won\\\\\\\'t regret it, even if it\\\\\\\'s just to stop unsightly ingrown hairs!

Rebecca daisey - 38

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