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It actually works!

i am 5 weeks into my treatments for my legs and underarms and I have to say that this product actually works! Like many other reviewers, I purchased it with the thought that if it doesn't work, I can always send it back. Following a few wax treatments the hair on my upper legs were quite fine and they are now completely gone, I will be continuing with the treatments for the next 7 weeks to see what the final result is. The hair on my lower legs has also reduced to 80% and my underarms only have a very small patch. having seen the results on these areas I have now started treating my arms and look forward to theresults there. I haven't used it on my face as I already have a different laser product for facial hair which has a smaller surface area, however I cannot recommend this highly enough for arms, legs and underarms. The 20 minute whole-body treatment time is a little but far-fetched in my opinion unless you happen to have incredibly short arms and legs, however as the weeks are progressing my treatment time has reduced so will see if that is actually the case by week 12!

Rashda - 35

Really quick and useful

I have been using a couple of months already. Sometimes I forget to use it, but the result is wonderful. I have white skin, but thick and dark hair. I can see some spots where the hair is missing or if it grows, takes ages to reach the usual size. Hope in a few more months to remove them completly. Very happy with the result. very good product and easy to use.

Ana - 26

So far, so very good!!

I'm half way through the 12 week plan and I'm really very, very happy with the results so far. I'm pale skinned and dark haired so in theory an 'ideal' candidate for IPL. I purchased my SmoothSkin Gold on 3 months easy payment option after seeing a TV ad. Previously I had laser treatment for excess facial hair which definitely reduced what was growing (over at least 12 sessions) but I found the hair growing back and reverted to whichever 'fur removal' tool I had on hand: waxing (stubbly despite professional treatment), plucking (tweezers or epilators), depilatory creams, shaving (electric razor - NEVER a wet razor!!)... And soon enough I was pretty much back to square one..and then some. So, buying the SmoothSkin Gold I had a little voice in my head saying "yeah right, see how long this takes to fail!". After the first few sessions I really wasn't holding out much hope as hair reduction seemed minimal to say the least, and I silently thanked the 90day money back guarantee they were offering. Shaving between treatments (it won't work if hair is waxed or plucked between treatments as the IPL needs a hair shaft to get to the follicle) was proving a pain and confidence in my appearance between 'zaps' (as I call treatments!) wasn't high. Week 4 I started noticing a marked difference in regrowth, and by week 6 regrowth is minimal and Im happy going out make-up free between zaps now as there's no 5 O'Clock shadow! I'm still continuing weekly until week 12, but I have no doubt that the results will be brilliant! Leg hair reduced despite not using IPL on them regularly and I've started on my bikini line too - I'll keep you posted! I'm already recommending to friends and family (and two complete strangers...) And I can't wait to see how long I'll go between zaps once the full 12 weeks are up. I've given 4 stars purely as I'm only part way through the course and because the handset does get quite hot during treatments. Otherwise - excellent product so far.

D Mass - 45

Worth every penny

Just completed 12 weeks and I am amazed by the results. My under arms and legs are virtually hairfree and have been since approx week 4. The same with my upper lip, my chin still has a few stubborn areas but is still greatly improved. I feel so much more confident and happier about my lack of facial hair which was the original reason for buying Smooth Skin Gold, my legs and under arms are just an added bonus. Thank you so much !!!

Marina Toomey - 48


Legs and upper lip virtually hair free! Still a few stubborn hairs on my chin but overall a fabulous product,

carole mcnamara - 51


I have recently finished the 12 weeks and find the hair on my arms and legs has dramatically decreased. My hair is pretty course and very black and so now, even with some tiny hair growing, they are very week and hardly show. To my surprise the weekly sessions were hardly a hassle. Looking forward to the results on the long run!

Yumna - 20


I have always had to shave my legs everyday in the summer and hated it. After 12 weeks I have sorted my legs, arms, under arms and bikini line with amazing results. I was scared about spending so much money but it really works!

Sarah - 39


Thus has really helped me remove my hair it makes my skin very smooth I would recommend this.

Nazia Arif - 34

So far, so good

This is a Guy's review, one of the few! I have had this for two months now and have started with lower legs and forearms before moving on to upper legs and chest/stomach. I compete in Triathlons and Swimming so removing hair is important to me. Shaving leaves me with razor rash and bumps for at least two weeks and means I cant shave again during this time. My lower legs had thinner hair growth to start with and the results were quick to appear. After two months I have got rid of nearly all of it. Around my knees there is still visible hair growth but it appears to be lighter pigment hair growth there, which might be due to the sunny weather as my hairs get easily sun bleached. I will have to wait colder weather when those hairs become darker again to see if I can get rid of them. On my lower thighs the hair growth was thicker than the lower legs and the hair is taking longer to give up the fight and disappear! It is however going if somewhat slower. For my forearms there are areas which are doing very well and then other areas which are being more resistant. Hopefully they will also give up the battle in a while. Soon going to increase the leg treatment to the upper thighs as I am getting fed up of having the bumps down the top of the backs of my thighs. Down sides and negative points on this product; It gets hot after a while and needs to cool when it shuts itself off. This can happen around the 3/4 point of doing one complete leg, so roughly halfway up from knee to hip. I have found that if I do sport earlier in the day of treatment, for me that's running or cycling (leg work) the treatment is a lot more painful and I have to go to the feather option. This too can be painful depending on how long ago the exercise was before treatment. I don't know if anyone else has seen this or if the manufacturers have seen this before? I can only put it down to the sport and increased blood flow in the skin on the legs as I have tried varying the time between shaving and treating as well as trying different shaving and moisturising products. The only constant is that if I exercise beforehand, its more painful. Globally I am impressed. Lost a star due to over heating, increased pain after exercise, and difficulty in dealing with sun bleached hairs.

Howard - 42

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