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First 12 weeks done, maintenance continues. Great.

Bonnie | Female | 46 | 4 * * * * *

First! Sign up for Smoothskin Bare's motivational emails when you begin your first treatment. They'll be in synch with you. I have pale skin and dark hair and have completed 12 weeks of treating the face and body. The response was immediate, with most body hair regrowing slowly. Legs have responded really well. Some thicker facial hair is slower to respond, such as on the side of the face. I recommend going over each area 3 x for maximum results. This is recommended by Smoothskin themselves, so do make a note, as the emails might not remind you until week four and you'll have lost time. For my maintenance, I'm going over each area once, apart from the face and neck, which I'll zap 3 x, as it only takes five minutes. If you can, set aside the same day(s) each week for a regular routine. Expect end to ingrowing hair itching too! Cleared up problem patches of ingrowing hair on legs very well. WHY FOUR STARS? I can see little black specks where hair could grow through, even on the best parts (legs, arms), so I'm hoping the pore's ability to bear hair dies off for good and leaves the skin clear of those little signs of hair follicles. Keep it up. Good luck.

Amazing results!

Yazmine Choudry | Female | 22 | 4 * * * * *

In January I started using SmoothSkin Gold, now (April) I am really starting to see results. The device is quick and easy to use and there is only slight discomfort, in some places. At the moment I only need to shave my legs once a week but I am hoping in the near future my legs will be silky smooth. For a more in-depth review see my blog post:

Highly recommended by a friend!

Julia | Female | 47 | 5 * * * * *

Just tried out my new SmoothSkin Muse which I bought after seeing a friend’s results from her Smoothskin. The device is very sleek and easy to use. I didn’t really experience any discomfort when using it apart from a vague sort of pin prick sensation in bony areas. There is a gentle mode but I didn’t feel the need to try it. I was expecting some kind of redness afterwards but there was nothing. I have dark hairy legs which need regular shaving; I’m hoping the results will be as good as my friends. Will keep you updated.

How Easy Was That?!

Philippa Coulson | Female | 42 | 5 * * * * *

I tried out my SmoothSkin Muse on the weekend and can’t believe how easy and quick it was to use. Having only used it just this weekend I will update my review a little later on when I start to see the results! The Smoothskin Muse itself comes in a sleek box with really sophisticated packaging, and looks the business. The treatment itself, was not painful but you could feel a pinch, I suppose that shows it must be working. I would certainly say in comparison to waxing or epilating that Smoothskin was more or less pain free and way more comfortable to use. I can't exclaim how easy , hygienic and quite pleasant Smoothskin was to use. It is reassuring to know that there is also a gentle mode. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks!

Salon savings at home

Laura | Female | 24 | 4 * * * * *

Prior to buying my Smooth Skin Bare I was attending 4th weekly lazer tratments at a salon and boy was it expensice. I decided to buy my Smooth Skin Bare for the price of one treatment, its way more value and you'll have it forever. I use my Bare once week and it takes about 30 minuts to do my whole body over twice (full legs, underarms, stomach and arms). I use to shave every 2nd day and now its only twice a week. The treatments don't hurt at all and its so convenient to have the bare at home. I do my treatments on day and at time that suits me. I'm one happy smoothie.

12 week review

Nat | Female | 33 | 3 * * * * *

I have been using SmookthSkin Bare weekly now for 12 weeks on my whole body. I have fair skin and dark hair. There has definitely been a slowing of the regrowth, I now only need to shave twice a week, whereas before SmoothSkin it was a daily task. Although some areas of my body have responded well, with a significant reduction in hair, other areas I cannot see a difference in the amount of hair, just slowing of regrowth. I would have liked to have seen less hair after 12 weeks, but I will keep up the weekly schedule and see what happens in the next few months. Also, each treatment took about 1 hour for my whole body, my legs alone took about 30mins. I can’t see how it’s possible to do legs in 10mins as advertised. I’m not a large person either. Still, I think it’s been worth it for the slowing of regrowth.

Fantastic new addition to the SmoothSkin family!

Laura | Female | 24 | 5 * * * * *

I've been a fan of the SmoothSkin Bare for a while now because it's made hair removal such a breeze. Now I'm in love with the Muse - it looks even more sophisticated and makes it so easy to start prepping for summer now!

Great customer service and the product works!

Aveena Chohan | Female | 34 | 5 * * * * *

Product worked great for me, I have medium tanned skin and quite dark but fine hair. After three months my device had a fault, but was quickly resolved by Abby in customer service who arrange collection of the old device and shipped me out a new one the very next day! She was brilliant!

Slow going but working

Lizzy | Female | 27 | 4 * * * * *

I've been using the smooth skin bare since about August on and off but have religiously used it for the last 12 weeks. It's working slowly but I can definitely see a difference. With an underactive thyroid my hair tends to grow faster anyway but I have might skin and dark hair. I used to have to shave daily if i want to keep my legs smooth and always had stubble about r hours ago shaving. I can now go a few days between shaves. It's slowed down the growth my legs and they are patchy so I know it's working. Going on holiday I the next few months so hopefully it will have demo ed more hair by then

8 Week Review

Anne | Female | 45 | 3 * * * * *

Impressed with the quality of the device and the speed at which you can get everything done. I was surprised at how heavy it is (just the initial impression and you don't notice it after a while) and the big cable, but I took that to mean that this device means business! The SmoothSkin Bare offers unlimited flashes (Bravo guys!), wow most devices either need replacement bulbs or have to be recycled. This sits really well with me as I care about the environment and hate waste. I did notice the flashes slow down during the glide sessions due to it getting a little warmer (maybe because I'm hairier than most). So I decided to let it cool and carry on from there. It was a pleasant enough experience, my skin felt slightly warm after using, but no redness. I experienced an odd tingle/sting in a couple of places, but everything went as it was supposed to. I gave 3 passes over the really stubborn hairs. (bikini, armpits and facial). I have very fair skin and brown/black hairs, I really didn't notice any difference until after the 6th treatment and that is only on my legs. The hair growth slowed down and appears to be almost gone in most places. Whoohoo!! Smoothest legs I've ever had in my life! However the 'stubborn' hairs in the bikini, armpits and on my face have seen no such reduction or slow down, at this stage. But then I didn't hold up hope for the device to work on me at all. (I've tried many things in the past which didn't work) But, I know that this device worked on my legs after a while, so I will continue to use it, as I hope it will clear these stubborn hairs eventually. I expected it to take a lot longer to work on me and will continue to use it and give an updated review. I have already recommended it to my friends as I'm convinced if it works on me, it will work on anyone.

It works!

Annie | Female | 24 | 4 * * * * *

I've been using this for 8 weeks now. At first I had no idea what to expect or how to properly use it. The first 4 weeks I noticed bald patches mostly on my legs and thinning. My arm pits however very stubborn and haven't noticed much difference besides a little bit of thinning.. but the legs defiantly noticed a difference. Recommend this but it does require patience and being consistent.

Very effective

Joanne rowley | Female | 46 | 5 * * * * *

I’ve only been using it for 4 weeks so far but I’m really pleased with the results. My hair growth is definitely a lot finer and not as thick on my legs and I’m only 4 weeks into using it. At first it was slightly uncomfortable to use but I’m now used to it and don’t really notice it . I can only comment as of now but I’m really confident that it will be totally effective on my hair removal.. I’d definitely recommend it ..Love it

Quick Results

Maire Mulholland | Female | 47 | 5 * * * * *

I have only been using the Smoothskin Gold for four weeks now but am already seeing great results! Hair growth has dramatically slowed down and in some places has stopped altogether. I have pale skin and dark hair so the products is ideal for me. Very quick and simple to use......I wish I had found this long ago! I noticed a difference from first use so I expect to see a huge difference by time I have completed the recommended 12 week initial programme. Thank you Smoothskin!

Good so far...

Yazmine | Female | 22 | 4 * * * * *

I've been using the Smoothskin for a few weeks now and I'm not seeing any immediate changes but I am being patient and I will update as I go!

Early days but...

CDA | Female | 43 | 4 * * * * *

.... I've only used the device three times so far so it's a little early for me to post absolute rave reviews, but from what I can tell, the hair regrowth is definitely slowing down and I can spot a few patches where it isn't growing back. I really like this device as it's so quick, compared to a rival brand which I tried the other year. With that one, you had to wait up to 4 seconds between "flashes" and it also had a finite number of flashes after which it was thought it would need replacing. The Smoothskin Bare is much quicker and easier to use: as long as you hold the button down, it will flash almost continuously. And it doesn't run out of flashes either, which is a real bonus. It takes about 20-30 minutes for me to treat two full legs, bikini area, arms, underarm and upper lip. I'm looking forward to seeing better and more permanent results soon but in the meantime I'm very happy with this device!

Good results

Amanda Furlong | Female | 32 | 5 * * * * *

I am the classic pale skin with dark hair that thus product is aimed at. I have had a treatment from a salon on my underarms and biniki. I have tried this home version three times and have noticed slower growth and patches already. It's not as effective as the salon but over time (12 weeks) I feel like I will achieve the same results for half the price 🙃

Week 5!

Amanda | Female | 35 | 5 * * * * *

Week 5 and all I can say is eeek! I’m starting to see results, like, REAL results! I’ve always needed to shave everyday, especially my underarms, in fact it’s not unusual to find me shaving them morning and evening in the summer. Maybe I’m a teensy bit ocd about it, I HATE stubble but this is game changing, life changing stuff I’m now experiencing. I can now go 3 days easily between shaves, and what growth there is is becoming much finer and patchy. I am properly excited about what the next few weeks will bring. Watch this space!

Love it!

Jordan | Female | 24 | 5 * * * * *

I've only had the chance to use my SmoothSkin Bare a few times now, so it's a little early for a review but already in love with it. Have seen growth time slow down and the hair that is growing feels thinner. The product also feels super high-quality, which is a bonus!

Loving it!

Jen Cooke | Female | 34 | 5 * * * * *

I've tried a different brand of home IPL in the past and although I was seeing results I gave up because it was just so time-consuming and painful/hot. So happy to have discovered Smooth Skin, it's fabulous! So quick and pain-free, just really easy to use and convenient. I've only used it a couple of times so it's a bit too soon to talk about results, but so far I'm loving it! And will definitely keep up the treatments. Can't wait to be hair free for my upcoming wedding/honeymoon. Thank you Smooth Skin!


Mark | Male | 52 | 5 * * * * *

I purchased the Smoothskin Bare 6 weeks ago. Being male I have course heavy thick hair. I had to shave my legs every 2nd day and with that on the second day the pricking of the regrowth was insane. Using the Smoothskin Bare for 6 weeks sometimes twice in one week, the results are amazing. I've gone from shaving every 2nd day to once a week. Yes.... I did say once a week. Incredible right? Now there are areas that are recommended for the product not to be used and I would not encourage use on those areas. However, I have treated those areas and the results are also impressive. If this is six weeks usage, I can't wait for the end of the 12th week. For a bloke my skin is incredibly smooth and soft and I'm not ashamed to say that. Oh by the way, I'm in my 50's which means there is also an amount of grey on my chest. I will give an update at the end of the 12th week. SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal is a fantastic system.

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