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First 12 weeks done, maintenance continues. Great.

Bonnie | Female | 46 | 4 * * * * *

First! Sign up for Smoothskin Bare's motivational emails when you begin your first treatment. They'll be in synch with you. I have pale skin and dark hair and have completed 12 weeks of treating the face and body. The response was immediate, with most body hair regrowing slowly. Legs have responded really well. Some thicker facial hair is slower to respond, such as on the side of the face. I recommend going over each area 3 x for maximum results. This is recommended by Smoothskin themselves, so do make a note, as the emails might not remind you until week four and you'll have lost time. For my maintenance, I'm going over each area once, apart from the face and neck, which I'll zap 3 x, as it only takes five minutes. If you can, set aside the same day(s) each week for a regular routine. Expect end to ingrowing hair itching too! Cleared up problem patches of ingrowing hair on legs very well. WHY FOUR STARS? I can see little black specks where hair could grow through, even on the best parts (legs, arms), so I'm hoping the pore's ability to bear hair dies off for good and leaves the skin clear of those little signs of hair follicles. Keep it up. Good luck.

Salon savings at home

Laura | Female | 24 | 4 * * * * *

Prior to buying my Smooth Skin Bare I was attending 4th weekly lazer tratments at a salon and boy was it expensice. I decided to buy my Smooth Skin Bare for the price of one treatment, its way more value and you'll have it forever. I use my Bare once week and it takes about 30 minuts to do my whole body over twice (full legs, underarms, stomach and arms). I use to shave every 2nd day and now its only twice a week. The treatments don't hurt at all and its so convenient to have the bare at home. I do my treatments on day and at time that suits me. I'm one happy smoothie.

12 week review

Nat | Female | 33 | 3 * * * * *

I have been using SmookthSkin Bare weekly now for 12 weeks on my whole body. I have fair skin and dark hair. There has definitely been a slowing of the regrowth, I now only need to shave twice a week, whereas before SmoothSkin it was a daily task. Although some areas of my body have responded well, with a significant reduction in hair, other areas I cannot see a difference in the amount of hair, just slowing of regrowth. I would have liked to have seen less hair after 12 weeks, but I will keep up the weekly schedule and see what happens in the next few months. Also, each treatment took about 1 hour for my whole body, my legs alone took about 30mins. I can’t see how it’s possible to do legs in 10mins as advertised. I’m not a large person either. Still, I think it’s been worth it for the slowing of regrowth.

Slow going but working

Lizzy | Female | 27 | 4 * * * * *

I've been using the smooth skin bare since about August on and off but have religiously used it for the last 12 weeks. It's working slowly but I can definitely see a difference. With an underactive thyroid my hair tends to grow faster anyway but I have might skin and dark hair. I used to have to shave daily if i want to keep my legs smooth and always had stubble about r hours ago shaving. I can now go a few days between shaves. It's slowed down the growth my legs and they are patchy so I know it's working. Going on holiday I the next few months so hopefully it will have demo ed more hair by then

8 Week Review

Anne | Female | 45 | 3 * * * * *

Impressed with the quality of the device and the speed at which you can get everything done. I was surprised at how heavy it is (just the initial impression and you don't notice it after a while) and the big cable, but I took that to mean that this device means business! The SmoothSkin Bare offers unlimited flashes (Bravo guys!), wow most devices either need replacement bulbs or have to be recycled. This sits really well with me as I care about the environment and hate waste. I did notice the flashes slow down during the glide sessions due to it getting a little warmer (maybe because I'm hairier than most). So I decided to let it cool and carry on from there. It was a pleasant enough experience, my skin felt slightly warm after using, but no redness. I experienced an odd tingle/sting in a couple of places, but everything went as it was supposed to. I gave 3 passes over the really stubborn hairs. (bikini, armpits and facial). I have very fair skin and brown/black hairs, I really didn't notice any difference until after the 6th treatment and that is only on my legs. The hair growth slowed down and appears to be almost gone in most places. Whoohoo!! Smoothest legs I've ever had in my life! However the 'stubborn' hairs in the bikini, armpits and on my face have seen no such reduction or slow down, at this stage. But then I didn't hold up hope for the device to work on me at all. (I've tried many things in the past which didn't work) But, I know that this device worked on my legs after a while, so I will continue to use it, as I hope it will clear these stubborn hairs eventually. I expected it to take a lot longer to work on me and will continue to use it and give an updated review. I have already recommended it to my friends as I'm convinced if it works on me, it will work on anyone.

It works!

Annie | Female | 24 | 4 * * * * *

I've been using this for 8 weeks now. At first I had no idea what to expect or how to properly use it. The first 4 weeks I noticed bald patches mostly on my legs and thinning. My arm pits however very stubborn and haven't noticed much difference besides a little bit of thinning.. but the legs defiantly noticed a difference. Recommend this but it does require patience and being consistent.

Early days but...

CDA | Female | 43 | 4 * * * * *

.... I've only used the device three times so far so it's a little early for me to post absolute rave reviews, but from what I can tell, the hair regrowth is definitely slowing down and I can spot a few patches where it isn't growing back. I really like this device as it's so quick, compared to a rival brand which I tried the other year. With that one, you had to wait up to 4 seconds between "flashes" and it also had a finite number of flashes after which it was thought it would need replacing. The Smoothskin Bare is much quicker and easier to use: as long as you hold the button down, it will flash almost continuously. And it doesn't run out of flashes either, which is a real bonus. It takes about 20-30 minutes for me to treat two full legs, bikini area, arms, underarm and upper lip. I'm looking forward to seeing better and more permanent results soon but in the meantime I'm very happy with this device!

Good results

Amanda Furlong | Female | 32 | 5 * * * * *

I am the classic pale skin with dark hair that thus product is aimed at. I have had a treatment from a salon on my underarms and biniki. I have tried this home version three times and have noticed slower growth and patches already. It's not as effective as the salon but over time (12 weeks) I feel like I will achieve the same results for half the price 🙃

Love it!

Jordan | Female | 24 | 5 * * * * *

I've only had the chance to use my SmoothSkin Bare a few times now, so it's a little early for a review but already in love with it. Have seen growth time slow down and the hair that is growing feels thinner. The product also feels super high-quality, which is a bonus!

Loving it!

Jen Cooke | Female | 34 | 5 * * * * *

I've tried a different brand of home IPL in the past and although I was seeing results I gave up because it was just so time-consuming and painful/hot. So happy to have discovered Smooth Skin, it's fabulous! So quick and pain-free, just really easy to use and convenient. I've only used it a couple of times so it's a bit too soon to talk about results, but so far I'm loving it! And will definitely keep up the treatments. Can't wait to be hair free for my upcoming wedding/honeymoon. Thank you Smooth Skin!


Mark | Male | 52 | 5 * * * * *

I purchased the Smoothskin Bare 6 weeks ago. Being male I have course heavy thick hair. I had to shave my legs every 2nd day and with that on the second day the pricking of the regrowth was insane. Using the Smoothskin Bare for 6 weeks sometimes twice in one week, the results are amazing. I've gone from shaving every 2nd day to once a week. Yes.... I did say once a week. Incredible right? Now there are areas that are recommended for the product not to be used and I would not encourage use on those areas. However, I have treated those areas and the results are also impressive. If this is six weeks usage, I can't wait for the end of the 12th week. For a bloke my skin is incredibly smooth and soft and I'm not ashamed to say that. Oh by the way, I'm in my 50's which means there is also an amount of grey on my chest. I will give an update at the end of the 12th week. SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal is a fantastic system.

Takes time, but worth it

Rachel | Female | 30 | 4 * * * * *

I waited until the first 12 weeks had passed to see if I would notice any results. For me, this hasn't been a quick process and there are certainly some patches of hair still remaining. However, they are considerably sparser and my upper lip hair and underarm hair have all but disappeared. Overall, happy with the SmoothSkin Bare and am confident I will see results on the stubborn patches of hair on my legs as I continue using it.

Has done nothing for me

Annie Burke | Female | 27 | 1 * * * * *

Unfortunately, after following the instructions this hasn't worked for me at all even with me persevering

So fast and easy to use.

Samantha | Female | 27 | 5 * * * * *

I treated myself to a Smoothskin Bare as I was fed up of having to shave daily and also the cost of razors. I have olive skin and dark hair so I thought this product would be perfect. Needless to say it has not let me down. I followed the instructions to the letter and soon started seeing a difference. I have been using it for 5 months now and I no longer have to bother shaving at all. I really like the fact that it is so quick and it doesn't hurt. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends.

update from my 1st review

karen marshall | Female | 52 | 4 * * * * *

I said I would update after using a further 12 weeks and have to say after using weekly (well nearly!) I am seeing a difference. What I was most horrified by was my upper lip hair continuing and after carrying on using it I can see a difference. The hair is still there but barely noticeable and very fine and not black. I do get the occasional bristle which to be honest is better for me being plucked but on the whole it\'s definitely better. My legs are still bristlely but I only need to shave once a week and they aren\'t visable like before when I had black hairs after a couple of days. My underarms are nearly gone, in fact I can\'t ever see any . All in all I\'m getting better results but certainly not quick for me. I will continue if it takes a year as it\'s the best hair removal device I\'ve used. Thanks for reading. Hope it works for others a little quicker.

Hasn't worked for me

Ali | Female | 32 | 1 * * * * *

Unfortunately this hasn't worked for me! I followed the instructions to the letter . Fair skinned. Perhaps the reason why it's not worked is that my hair is too light, but it hasn't worked in my underarms/bikini line either where I'm not so fair. Anyway, I contacted customer support and they have suggested I try the Gold - so I am persevering and starting anew with the 12 week program. I'm 2 weeks into that but am yet to see any change. Not sure it's worth the time/money/hassle to be honest, despite all the positive reviews. I am disappointed. However, no side effects to using it, not painful etc.

Early days

Alison | Female | 24 | 4 * * * * *

I've only just done my second week so it's a bit early for a real review. I'm not noticing any results yet, but it is definitely an easy device to use and isn't painful. I'd recommend doing your face first because the operating area gets quite warm and I found it more comfortable to do it first. Hoping for some results soon.

Not working as good as it should for me

karen marshall | Female | 51 | 3 * * * * *

I bought my smoothskin bare from boots mother's day weekend as a treat from my kids and husband. I am brunette hair, easy to tan skin, dark hairs on legs etc and I have always had the horrible upper lip hair. I epilated my legs for years and bleached my upper lip and plucked the odd nasty hair and shaved my under arms and public hair. I stopped doing all this before using my ipl and allowed the hair to grow and shaved as per the instructions. The only time I have ever shaved my upper lip hair too. I've been using my ipl bare ever since mid march and although the regrowth has slowed down its certainly not gone and I actually now get black hairs growing in my upper area, stubble I guess you would call it. I had googled heavily for all reviews on ipl systems and the reviews of smoothskin ipl bare were the best but it definitely isn't working after 12 weeks of using, especially my upper lip area. I can leave my legs now for a few days but they are still growing happily away. I shall continue in the hope I will one day be smooth and I feel devastated about my upper lip. What once was a few wispy hairs is now looking like a full mustache would grow if I did not shave. All in all disappointed as yet! I will update after another 12 weeks.

fabulous give it a try

joanne | Female | 45 | 5 * * * * *

Received my smooth skin bare november2016 well impressed good looking device its smaller than other IPL machines and much lighter I had laser treatment years ago on my face many years ago when I got the chance to test this device I thought yipee as I had a few black hairs appearing on my chin perimenopause not good ha well can honestly say after 6 weeks of zapping away using stamp mode hairs got finer and finer great stuff also treated my bikini line ,underarms and arms on glide mode very easy to use and pain free only takes a few minutes I have light skin and very dark hair so now am at 5 months hair free ready for the summer if we get one ha would highly recommend to any body I even bought my older sister one for her birthday

Speedy hair free

Natalie Oliver | Female | 36 | 5 * * * * *

I bought the Bare a month ago and can see an amazing difference there are a few areas still to see results but its so quick and easy to use - I know I will keep up the weekly treatment. I had an old boots machine before and it never worked as well as this and I had been using it for years - you had to use a gel with it which was very messy. I was amazed how easy the SmoothSkin bare was to use. Im keeping at it to hopefully have fabulous skin ready for my holiday. Thank you SmoothSkin.

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