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Highly recommended by a friend!

Julia | Female | 47 | 5 * * * * *

Just tried out my new SmoothSkin Muse which I bought after seeing a friend’s results from her Smoothskin. The device is very sleek and easy to use. I didn’t really experience any discomfort when using it apart from a vague sort of pin prick sensation in bony areas. There is a gentle mode but I didn’t feel the need to try it. I was expecting some kind of redness afterwards but there was nothing. I have dark hairy legs which need regular shaving; I’m hoping the results will be as good as my friends. Will keep you updated.

How Easy Was That?!

Philippa Coulson | Female | 42 | 5 * * * * *

I tried out my SmoothSkin Muse on the weekend and can’t believe how easy and quick it was to use. Having only used it just this weekend I will update my review a little later on when I start to see the results! The Smoothskin Muse itself comes in a sleek box with really sophisticated packaging, and looks the business. The treatment itself, was not painful but you could feel a pinch, I suppose that shows it must be working. I would certainly say in comparison to waxing or epilating that Smoothskin was more or less pain free and way more comfortable to use. I can't exclaim how easy , hygienic and quite pleasant Smoothskin was to use. It is reassuring to know that there is also a gentle mode. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks!

Fantastic new addition to the SmoothSkin family!

Laura | Female | 24 | 5 * * * * *

I've been a fan of the SmoothSkin Bare for a while now because it's made hair removal such a breeze. Now I'm in love with the Muse - it looks even more sophisticated and makes it so easy to start prepping for summer now!

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