British design,

world-class engineering

Multifaceted design approach

Our approach to product engineering is delivering the most advanced and sophisticated technology at the touch of one button.


  • Intelligent, personalised, and easy to use.
  • Personalised full-body treatments, automatically adapted to your unique skin tone, at the touch of a button.

Fast and Powerful

  • 2X faster and over 2X more powerful than competitors.
  • Some competitors are fast, others are powerful. SmoothSkin’s technology is the only one in the market to deliver speed and energy simultaneously for fast and effective treatments.


  • Unrivalled safety technology.
  • Patented Smart Skin Sensing Technology and dermatologically tested.
  • The most sophisticated skin contact sensor system on the market.
  • Compliant with international medical safety and efficacy standards.

“We strive to engineer products that are safe, effective, and extremely easy to use. So simple, you don’t have to think about it”

Stuart Jones, Director of Development

How SmoothSkin is leading IPL forward

For over 40 years we have had total control of the full development process giving us the opportunity to keep innovating our technology and ensuring it passes the ultimate test – delivering hair-free smooth skin at home.

Ground-breaking Innovation

Our in-house team of product managers, designers, and technical architects strive to develop ground-breaking solutions for efficacy, safety, and ease of use.

Expertly Engineered

SmoothSkin engineers design, test and iterate every aspect of our devices to ensure they work efficiently and effectively, for as long as possible.

Relentlessly Tested

We love testing! The more gruelling, the better. In our state-of-the-art test labs, we put the product components through hundreds of hours of heat, energy, drop and speed testing to ensure we deliver what we promise.

In-house Manufactured

All SmoothSkin devices are manufactured in our own facilities in UK and overseas, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality-control.

All SmoothSkin devices comply with
international medical and safety standards.