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SmoothSkin Bare
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SmoothSkin Bare
£179 £199

SmoothSkin Bare

SmoothSkin Bare

SmoothSkin Bare





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If you buy direct from us we offer a free 90 day money back guarantee and you can choose to pay in three equal monthly instalments. 

Ultrafast IPL
100 flashes per minute
Treat whole body in under 10 minutes
Glide and Stamp treatment modes
Unlimited flashes
Up to 92% hair reduction after 4 weeks
Weekly treatments
For use on body and face
Compact for easy use on the go
Suitable for all but the darkest skin tone

Not working as good as it should for me

Female | 51 |

I bought my smoothskin bare from boots mother’s day weekend as a treat from my kids and husband. I am brunette hair, easy to tan skin, dark hairs on legs etc and I have always had the horrible upper lip hair. I epilated my legs for years and bleached my upper lip and plucked the odd nasty hair and shaved my under arms and public hair.

I stopped doing all this before using my ipl and allowed the hair to grow and shaved as per the instructions. The only time I have ever shaved my upper lip hair too.
I’ve been using my ipl bare ever since mid march and although the regrowth has slowed down its certainly not gone and I actually now get black hairs growing in my upper area, stubble I guess you would call it.
I had googled heavily for all reviews on ipl systems and the reviews of smoothskin ipl bare were the best but it definitely isn’t working after 12 weeks of using, especially my upper lip area. I can leave my legs now for a few days but they are still growing happily away.
I shall continue in the hope I will one day be smooth and I feel devastated about my upper lip. What once was a few wispy hairs is now looking like a full mustache would grow if I did not shave.
All in all disappointed as yet! I will update after another 12 weeks.

fabulous give it a try

Female | 45 |

Received my smooth skin bare november2016 well impressed good looking device its smaller than other IPL machines and much lighter I had laser treatment years ago on my face many years ago when I got the chance to test this device I thought yipee as I had a few black hairs appearing on my chin perimenopause not good ha well can honestly say after 6 weeks of zapping away using stamp mode hairs got finer and finer great stuff also treated my bikini line ,underarms and arms on glide mode very easy to use and pain free only takes a few minutes I have light skin and very dark hair so now am at 5 months hair free ready for the summer if we get one ha would highly recommend to any body I even bought my older sister one for her birthday

Speedy hair free

Female | 36 |

I bought the Bare a month ago and can see an amazing difference there are a few areas still to see results but its so quick and easy to use – I know I will keep up the weekly treatment. I had an old boots machine before and it never worked as well as this and I had been using it for years – you had to use a gel with it which was very messy. I was amazed how easy the SmoothSkin bare was to use. Im keeping at it to hopefully have fabulous skin ready for my holiday. Thank you SmoothSkin.

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Why Smoothskin

SmoothSkin Bare is the latest IPL product from SmoothSkin. With 100 flashes per minute, it is the fastest on the market, and if you follow your treatment regime, it will completely replace your shaving routine!

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The SmoothSkin treatment system continues to impress me with how great the results are, and how quick and easy it is to use



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