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SmoothSkin Bare
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SmoothSkin Bare
£179 £199

SmoothSkin Bare

SmoothSkin Bare

SmoothSkin Bare


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If you buy direct from us we offer a free 90 day money back guarantee and you can choose to pay in three equal monthly instalments. 

  • Ultrafast IPL
  • 100 flashes per minute
  • Treat whole body in under 10 minutes
  • Glide and Stamp treatment modes
  • Unlimited flashes
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after 4 weeks
  • Weekly treatments
  • For use on body and face
  • Compact for easy use on the go
  • Suitable for all but the darkest skin tone

Use once a week for 12 weeks, then top up as required.

Salon savings at home

Female | 24 |

Prior to buying my Smooth Skin Bare I was attending 4th weekly lazer tratments at a salon and boy was it expensice. I decided to buy my Smooth Skin Bare for the price of one treatment, its way more value and you’ll have it forever. I use my Bare once week and it takes about 30 minuts to do my whole body over twice (full legs, underarms, stomach and arms). I use to shave every 2nd day and now its only twice a week. The treatments don’t hurt at all and its so convenient to have the bare at home. I do my treatments on day and at time that suits me. I’m one happy smoothie.

12 week review

Female | 33 |

I have been using SmookthSkin Bare weekly now for 12 weeks on my whole body. I have fair skin and dark hair. There has definitely been a slowing of the regrowth, I now only need to shave twice a week, whereas before SmoothSkin it was a daily task. Although some areas of my body have responded well, with a significant reduction in hair, other areas I cannot see a difference in the amount of hair, just slowing of regrowth. I would have liked to have seen less hair after 12 weeks, but I will keep up the weekly schedule and see what happens in the next few months. Also, each treatment took about 1 hour for my whole body, my legs alone took about 30mins. I can’t see how it’s possible to do legs in 10mins as advertised. I’m not a large person either. Still, I think it’s been worth it for the slowing of regrowth.

Slow going but working

Female | 27 |

I’ve been using the smooth skin bare since about August on and off but have religiously used it for the last 12 weeks. It’s working slowly but I can definitely see a difference. With an underactive thyroid my hair tends to grow faster anyway but I have might skin and dark hair. I used to have to shave daily if i want to keep my legs smooth and always had stubble about r hours ago shaving. I can now go a few days between shaves. It’s slowed down the growth my legs and they are patchy so I know it’s working. Going on holiday I the next few months so hopefully it will have demo ed more hair by then

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Why Smoothskin

SmoothSkin Bare is the fastest IPL system in town. With 100 flashes per minute, you can treat your whole body in less than 10 minutes. And, if you follow your treatment regime, it will completely replace your shaving routine!

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The SmoothSkin treatment system continues to impress me with how great the results are, and how quick and easy it is to use



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