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SmoothSkin Gold

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If you buy direct from us we offer a free 90 day money back guarantee and you can choose to pay in three equal monthly instalments. 

Intelligent IPL
Detect and Set technology
Whole body treatment in under 20 minutes
Glide and Stamp treatment modes
Available with 200,000 and 300,000 flashes
94% of women said they would use SmoothSkin Gold as their normal hair reduction regime
Gentle mode
Treat once a week for 12 weeks, then as and when required
For use on body and face
Suitable for all but the darkest skin tone

Very effective

Female | 46 |

I’ve only been using it for 4 weeks so far but I’m really pleased with the results. My hair growth is definitely a lot finer and not as thick on my legs and I’m only 4 weeks into using it. At first it was slightly uncomfortable to use but I’m now used to it and don’t really notice it . I can only comment as of now but I’m really confident that it will be totally effective on my hair removal.. I’d definitely recommend it ..Love it

Quick Results

Female | 47 |

I have only been using the Smoothskin Gold for four weeks now but am already seeing great results! Hair growth has dramatically slowed down and in some places has stopped altogether. I have pale skin and dark hair so the products is ideal for me. Very quick and simple to use……I wish I had found this long ago! I noticed a difference from first use so I expect to see a huge difference by time I have completed the recommended 12 week initial programme. Thank you Smoothskin!

Good so far...

Female | 22 |

I’ve been using the Smoothskin for a few weeks now and I’m not seeing any immediate changes but I am being patient and I will update as I go!

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Why Smoothskin

SmoothSkin Gold is an intelligent and personalised IPL product from SmoothSkin. With Detect and Set technology, you can use for less than 20 minutes a month to be continuously hair free!

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It is without doubt the best product on the market. It is sleek and easy to use, painless, and what every girl should treat herself to!



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