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PCOS Awareness Month: Amanda’s Story

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It’s estimated that over 5 million women in the United States have PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Whilst more research is needed on the condition, it’s thought to be caused by hormone imbalances. Symptoms vary by person, typically women may experience fertility problems, hair thinning, weight gain and irregular periods. A common condition that women get alongside PCOS is Hirsutism. Hirsutism is an increase in androgen, a male hormone that can cause excessive hair growth on the face, neck, chest and back.

Currently, there is no cure for PCOS and Hirsutism, leaving women to seek out ways to manage their symptoms. Women tell us that the facial hair growth is the thing they struggle with most and traditional hair removal methods only provide short relief.

We’re sharing 4 women’s stories who have PCOS and how SmoothSkin Pure Fit has helped them finally find a long-term solution.

Amanda’s SmoothSkin Journey

Amanda is 36 and lives in Wales, United Kingdom. She has suffered with PCOS since the age of 18. Telling us “at that point there was hardly any information. I grew up embarrassed and self-conscious about my facial hair.”

Like other women with PCOS, facial hair is one of the side effects that impact them the most. Amanda says it’s “something no woman should ever have to go through” and has been bullied due to her facial hair. Amanda sought a referral from her Doctor for salon laser-hair removal through the National Health Service (NHS), but was told she couldn’t receive it as it was cosmetic procedure. Women may find this is a postcode lottery as some are granted referrals.

After this, Amanda continued with shaving daily, until discovering SmoothSkin.

Amanda’s Results 

After 2 treatments: “I am already seeing results. I let my hair grow for a week and it came back less dark and coarse and not as thick.”

After 4 treatments: “I’m finding patches on my face that literally don’t have any hair at all. Even my partner is noticing a difference in me, I’m not covering my face all the time. I’ve spoken to someone who had laser treatment on the NHS and they have had nowhere near these results so far.”

After 12 treatments: “I honestly didn’t think I would have the results that I did with how severe my facial hair was where now I don’t have any hair to the sides hardly.”

Q: How did you find the treatments?

A: There was hardly any discomfort whatsoever, just a little bit of heat. It’s nowhere near as painful as I thought it was going to be.

Q: Aside from reduction in hair, what other benefits have you noticed? 

Even though my parents live in Scotland and I facetime them a lot, they are actually noticing the difference. They don’t see the shadowing as much these days. They can see the confidence as well. Amanda also shares how she has more confidence to enjoy spontaneous moments, such as the holiday season. “Christmas time when friends and family give you hugs and kisses, I always avoided it because I didn’t want them to feel any hair on my face. Now, I don’t give it a second thought, I just go with the flow.”

How SmoothSkin Pure Fit can help tackle PCOS related hair growth

As the global leaders in IPL technology, we’ve developed the most sophisticated technology for quick, and long-lasting results. SmoothSkin Pure Fit is two times faster and 3 times more powerful than competitors. IPL hair removal can help permanently reduce facial and body hair by:

  • Tackles hair at the root: IPL works by using a powerful, but painless pulse of light to target hair beneath the skin to disable the hair follicle, preventing re-growth.
  • Up to 97% hair reduction: In a recent study, 86% of users with PCOS saw visible hair reduction on their face after 4 treatments.
  • Permanent solution: After the initial treatment regime, use Pure Fit every 4-8 weeks to maintain your results. Unlike daily shaving which causes irritation, or painful waxes where hair has to grow before treatment – with Pure Fit you get a cost-effective treatment from the comfort of your home.

Why users choose SmoothSkin Pure Fit for PCOS.

SmoothSkin Pure Fit is proven to be safe and effective, with over 5,500 clinical treatments performed to date. Market-leading features make it the perfect beauty-tool for hair removal, including:

Precision head adaptor: Patented removable adaptor allows you to target the trickier areas around your upper lip and jaw line with ease.

Three comfort modes: Opt for power mode for a fully-targeted treatment, recommended for PCOS. Switch to gentle mode at the touch of a button for more sensitive areas.

Safest IPL for body & face: Multi-point skin contact sensors to avoid accidental flashes. Built-in UV filter eliminates the need for safety glasses.


Start your journey to hair-free skin with Pure Fit 

If you’re fed up of constant razor bumps, irritation or expensive salon treatments, join countless women who have switched to IPL with SmoothSkin.

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