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Hair removal is a personal choice, and if it’s something you choose to do, you’ll know the effort it takes. Whether it’s the stubble you get the day after shaving, the irritation, the pain from waxing or the hair-removal cream smell (if you know, you know!). It’s a chore – and we sure have enough of those in our day-to-day lives!

You probably know the struggle of fitting your hair-removal routine around your social calendar. Our objective at SmoothSkin is to get you the salon feeling in the comfort of your own home, empowering you to take control of your hair-removal with a longer-term solution, helping you to achieve (and keep!) the smooth skin feeling for longer.

We’re the World’s #1 IPL hair removal brand worldwide, so why do so many people trust us with their legs, arms, bikini line (the list could go on…)

Being the IPL experts, we design and develop all of our products in-house in Swansea, Wales. We take pride in our clinical expertise and extensively test all products before they reach you, so you can rest in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

So, how does IPL compare to other methods of hair removal?


SmoothSkin is one upfront cost and is designed to last a lifetime. Our products come with a two-year guarantee for additional peace of mind. When compared to in-salon experiences such as waxing or laser – it can save you time and money.


Whilst we know everyone’s pain threshold is different, we asked first-time users of SmoothSkin what it felt like to them, you can watch what they said in the video below.

In a recent clinical trial, users rated the discomfort of treatment as 1 out of 10, with many saying they just felt a warm sensation from the light. Real user, Claire said: “Compared to waxing, using an epilator, this doesn’t compare at all. This is painless, completely, compared to those.”


Our SmoothSkin Pure device also comes with a gentle mode which some users find helpful for their first-time or in more sensitive areas such as the bikini line.


Methods such as shaving and hair-removal creams will remove the hair above skin level, leaving your follicle underneath the skin. This is why you notice the stubbly feeling a day or two after.

Waxing and epilating both pull the hair out from the root (yep, it’s as painful as it sounds!) leaving you smoother for longer than traditional means.

Laser and IPL work in similar ways, although slightly different. Both target the hair follicle with light energy that is converted to heat. This disables the hair follicle beneath the skin. After your initial treatments, you’ll follow maintenance treatments based on your plan to keep the follicles at bay. If you’re interested in more of the science of IPL and laser, you can read our blog here.

1 – after 8 initial treatments

2 – after 12 initial treatments


A study carried out by revealed that women in the UK spend on average 72 days in their lifetime shaving their legs – that’s the equivalent to 1,728 hours. [source: Grazia]

On top of the time it takes for the treatment, factoring in travel time for salon appointments can almost double these times. SmoothSkin IPL devices are the fastest in the market. Our engineers have developed the perfect formula of speed and power to get you great results, in just 10 minutes a week. After your initial 12-week treatment plan, you can then drop down to maintenance treatments every few months.

To learn more about SmoothSkin and what device is best for you, take our quiz.



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