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Posted On 04 Oct 18

Julia used SmoothSkin Gold in her battle Vs PCOS-driven hair growth. Here’s how she got on…


Julie Roberts | Female | 51 | 5 * * * * *

I have PCOS and have tried pretty much every type of hair removal system to remove excess hair over many years.

I know this technology works as I had IPL treatment on my bikini line and chin/upper lip at a salon. Before I started the course I was told the facial hair would probably grow back due to the PCOS and it would need ongoing maintenance sessions.

The advice was correct as the bikini line hasn’t grown back after 10 years, the facial hair has. I went back to managing the chin hair with plucking every morning but was spending too much time getting rid of those pesky black dots as hairs grow through.

Not wanting to spend a fortune at the salon again, I researched the market for products on offer and decided to buy the smoothskin gold, taking advantage of the ability to pay over 3 months.

The system is very simple to use and the IPL technology suits my pale skin and dark hair. I don’t find it hurts and it’s certainly not as painful as waxing. It’s great to see hairs fall out after a few days, not all but some, which is why you need to keep treating the area. I use the system as a way of managing the hair on my chin and upper lip, there are fewer hairs at any one time and they seem finer. I also use it on my forearms where the reduction of hair has been dramatic. I use an electric lady shaver in between treatments.

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