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Pure Fit

Quicker &
longer-lasting results

Pure Mini

Smart &
compact solution




Results in

2 weeks

4 weeks

Hair removed after 12 weeks

Up to 99%

Up to 97%

Maintenance treatment frequency

4-8 weeks

2-4 weeks

Comfort settings 3 Comfort modes:
Power, Speed and Gentle
2 Comfort modes:
Power and Gentle
Intensity levels 10 3

Flashes per minute

Up to 130 Up to 115

Energy output

Up to 6 J/CM2

Up to 4 J/CM2

Precision head adaptor for small areas

UV Filter

Unlimited flashes

Automatic skin tone adjustment

Treatment modes

Stamp and Glide Stamp and Glide

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Seems to work

Rated 5.0 out of 5

It takes time to get results, but it seems to work so far. I love that it’s corded so I don’t have to worry about charging it. It’s nice and compact and is easy to maneuver. Even though this doesn’t have all the features and settings of other models, it still seems to have enough and it’s smaller, so I prefer this one over the slightly more expensive ones that are bigger.

Mr Double U

Impressed so far! Painless

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I was a little skeptical about this product, and also a little nervous to try an at home laser hair removal product. I am really happy I took the chance though because this one actually delivers. At first glance this seems very pricey, but you get what you pay for. I don’t think I’d want to skimp out and go with a lesser quality item or a brand I wasn’t familiar with. I’ve only been using this laser for a couple of weeks now, but I can already see a difference on my legs. I decided to start with just bottom half of my legs just in case I had any issues with skin discoloration- I am olive undertone, but I’d say light and not medium/dark olive. You’ll want to be sure to avoid this product if your skin tone matches any of the colors they mention on listing- they are very specific about what skin tones should not use this.

Directions are easy. You feel a light tingle, but overall this is a painless process. I would definitely recommend.


Works well and doesn't hurt!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I got this product for my wife and she loves it. She’s used it once a week for the past six weeks. The first use of the SmoothSkin Mini took about ten minutes. The device got fairly warm and had a faint odor from use. Nothing too terrible, just noticeable. And no zapping pain like other devices she’s tried – which has been extreme in some instances. Major, major benefit here. Plus, it covers a large area in a single path even though positioning the Mini can be a little tricky at times. Second treatment, no odor and did not get nearly as warm. No skin discomfort at all. Took less than ten minutes. More importantly, she noticed a visible reduction in hair growth even at this early stage. Third treatment, no discomfort, warm in a few areas and the process became easier to manage. Significant reduction in hair growth on all treated areas, but especially on underarms and legs. Week four, almost no hair growth at all! She also noticed that the device might be getting a little warm at times because she was accidentally covering the fan on the Mini with her thumb. Weeks five and six: again, almost no growth and could probably get by without using it. The instruction manual recommends continuing through twelve weeks, as hairs on different parts of the body grow at different rates. That may not be completely necessary here, but all in all that’s a good problem to have.

While the fact it’s corded may bother some, the fact that it’s not going to run out of batteries is a bonus. Also, note that the whole thing is VERY bright when on. You will want to look away. Take the safety precautions in the manual serious! (Including the stuff about not using it on tattoos/darkly pigmented places.)

All in all, very satisfied with the SmoothSkin Mini. The lack of pain in the process can’t be overstated. That’s a real barrier for a device like this for some folks and it’s a non-issue here.


This thing actually works!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I was skeptical but had seen good reviews on this from reliable sources so went ahead and ordered. I’ll be darned – it works! Easy to use. I saw results within just a couple of weeks, particularly in my underarm area. I no longer have to shave there at all. Very happy with this product!



Rated 5.0 out of 5

Wow this SmoothSkin Pure FIT Intelligent Ultrafast IPL Laser is impressive! I’ve had and used IPL lasers in the past but literally none of them were this fast.

This thing is so simple and easy to use; read the booklet, follow the instructions, but all you have to do is plug it in and use it. It’s not complicated it’s actually very easy and simple to use.

You do have to start with a shaved clean skin and then all you have to do is press and hold the button and in speed mode it will continuously flash as long as you move it along the skin. I have found that IPL laser results are effective and long lasting as long as you use this right. Go by the skin tone graph and use it weekly, unless skin irritation develops.

I absolutely love this thing. I like the little cap that it comes with for precision treatment areas such as the face. The cap Is actually magnetic so it stays on very well. My only gripe with this is that for this price, and this was priced at $379 at the time of purchase, you should get a case with this product, but you do not get any protective case just a box that it ships in, that’s kind of disappointing to me but it’s not a dealbreaker because this product produces excellent results. I would highly highly highly recommend this IPL laser in particular just because of the speed and effectiveness of it. I have pretty sensitive skin and after use I did not have any irritation with it. I used it on my face, under arms, bikini area and legs. I could not believe how fast it was and how easy it was to use!


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