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We asked 22 women from around the UK if we could follow them on their IPL journey. Some have used at-home devices before, some have been through the pain and discomfort of waxing. The one thing they have in common? Wanting to remove their hair (and keep their results for longer!)

  • 86% saw visible hair reduction after just 4 weeks
  • 95% saw visible, permanent hair reduction after 8 weeks
  • 100% agreed that their skin looked and felt smoother


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Real Users Answer Your Questions

"There was no pain felt at all within the process. I thought perhaps there would be a little bit, but if anything it just felt slightly warm" - Chloe

"I thought that maybe once I stopped using it after 12 weeks, I would randomly get a growth spurt of hair, but I haven't!" - Shannon

"I'd always try to cover my [under]arms... I'm much more confident in wearing vests now!" - Sally

Does IPL Hurt?

Not usually. Each flash will feel like a warm sensation against skin, but should not be painful. SmoothSkin Pure also features a handy gentle mode – great for sensitive areas or first-time users! We know everyone's experience with pain is different, watch the video to hear our triallists experience.

Does it work?

Yes! SmoothSkin is clinically proven to reduce hair re-growth. In this study, 86% of users saw visible hair reduction after just 4 weeks! Don't just take our word for it though, watch our SmoothSkin triallists journey over 12 weeks as they share their highlights each week.

What Does It Mean to you?

Hair removal is a personal choice, and if it's something you choose to do, SmoothSkin Pure IPL offers a bespoke treatment just for you with its smart technology. Our users share their reasons for wanting to remove their hair and how SmoothSkin has helped them gain confidence in themselves.

What Results Can I Expect?

Most users see noticeable results after 4 weeks. The hair should grow back thinner and lighter. After 8 weeks you should see much less hair on the treated areas. And by 12 weeks most users are hair-free. You will then just need the occasional top-up once every one to two months to keep your results. Here's what Julia saw a week after her 7th treatment!
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