Permanent Hair Reduction

For optimal results, SmoothSkin Gold should be used once per week to ensure all hair follicles are treated. After the initial treatment phase, to maintain results we recommend SmoothSkin Gold is used once a month or as required.

Perfect Skin

SmoothSkin Gold has been created to give you the beautiful hair free skin you desire. We all dream of having perfect flawless skin and using SmoothSkin Gold has been proven to help skin look and feel healthier. It’s time to start treating those unwanted hairs to help you glow with radiance and get the ultimate smoothness.

82% of SmoothSkin Gold users agreed that skin looked and felt smoother after treatment

*Part of our ethically approved clinical trials

Getting the best results

Take a look at our subjective claims to see the kind of results our users noticed after completing their 12 week regime.


  • 94% experienced noticeable permanent hair reduction
  • 92% rated the amount of hair reduction as excellent/ very good/ good
  • 96% would recommend it to a friend

Continuously beautiful hair free skin



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