46 reviews

Very Good Product!

I am in week 6 of the program and so far I saw the effects and I have a smooth skin. Can't wait for week 12!

Fatemeh Torabi - 25

Value for Money

Very good value if used to treat most areas, and for family members.

anonymous - 46

SmoothSkin Gold

Really Good Product

anonymous - 27

Noticeable difference in 6 weeks

The price of smooth skin put me off for a while but 6 weeks in and I hardly have any hair on lower legs now. After years of sugaring, waxing & epilating, this could finally be the answer. Easy to use and painless.

A Edmonds - 47

Love it!

Really looking forward to trying on different parts of the body!

Anonymous - 46

Looking good so far!

Been using for about 7 weeks so far on my underarms. Always been sceptical about home hair reduction devices but have definately seen a difference so far- lighter texture and fewer hairs growing already. Have now started treating other areas...looking forward to the results!

Priya - 35


A little tricky to start with but results are great!

Rachel Turner - 26

Great results

I am into week 5 now and can see great results on my legs and arms. Skim is silky soft too. Recommend to anyone with excess hair growth.

Suki - 43

Good so far

Only small area tested, will be looking forward to doing the complete area.

anonymous - 43

Good outcome

The product worked well during time of use, but hair did grow back but at a slower rate, which was also appreciated. If the product can slow hair growth that is also a good outcome for me.

Anonymous - 40


Well its,week five of my treatment and the results so far are fab i had lazer years ago and must say this is the same affect i have very dark strong hair am so glad i bought this because it really does work great price to compared to salon treatment you must buy and try

joanne - 43

Smooth skin gold

Used on my bikini line for 8 weeks before my holiday and was completely hair free. Really pleased with results. Will try on other areas. Very easy to use

Hilary - 43

Meets expectations

Happy with this device so far! I'm on Week 6 and I'm already noticing slower regrowth and thinner hair. Can't wait to see the results at the end of the 12 weeks!

Sarah Gluszek - 24


After years of hopeless hair removal products, I'm so glad to have found this! I have only been using it for four weeks and can already see a difference.

Kathryn Storrie - 29


I experimented the device on one armpit to see any results and the difference was outstanding! I am now doing the other one as I couldn't believe how soft and smooth my skin was feeling and of course with less hair! It takes a little time so be patient because the results are worth it!

Adele Pullen - 32

Hair removal that really works!!

Latest in Beauty (Fiona Dillon) I've been using the Smooth Skin Gold for about 4 weeks now and I am seriously impressed. I have used previous machines like this before but they either didn't work or they were too much effort with putting all the equipment together and messy gels so I didn't keep up the treatments. I've found this super quick and easy to use so it's minimal effort to keep up with treatments and I'm already seeing results! After all the promises of long-lasting/permanent hair removal, finally something that keeps all the promises! I cannot wait to finish the 12 weeks! Very impressed.

Fiona Dillon - 27

amazing. 100% worth every penny

I've been using this product only a short time and it has honestly changed my life. My confidence has shot up and I would recommend this product to everyone. LOVE IPULSE. THANK YOU

catherine r - 28


I am only on my 3rd treatment and already I can see that hair is not growing back. This product seems to be doing what it said it would.

Joanne - 44

Brilliant - worth every penny

I love the Gold Edition, super speedy in comparison, does not over heat, no messy gels , great styling and it's tests the area automatically before the shot. Now it's easy to do all my body. I could not be happier with this unit.

Rachel - 41

Worked Brilliantly and Quickly

Worked Brilliantly and quickly. Extremely noticeable difference. Very pleased!

Victoria Knill - 36

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