About SmoothSkin

Who are SmoothSkin?

SmoothSkin are the original pioneers and the World’s No. 1 IPL hair removal brand* for safe, fast and permanent hair reduction. We’re also the world’s largest IPL manufacturer and have over 30 years’ experience in light-based hair removal. All our products are designed and developed in the UK by our team of leading IPL experts and go through rigorous clinical trials to ensure they are safe and effective.
Our expertise on the interaction of light, hair, and skin is unmatched; our clinical expertise is unique; and because we solely focus the enhancement of IPL, we are in position to always offer the most advanced IPL technology on the market. SmoothSkin were:
• The first to launch an at-home IPL hair removal device
• The first IPL brand to have a built-in skin contact sensor, to ensure safe treatment
• The first brand to have an automated Smart Skin Sensor, to detect skin tone and adjust energy output accordingly, for maximum efficacy
• The first to create the perfect formula of speed and power to achieve the optimum result

* Source: Maia Research Services: Global IPL Hair Removal Devices Market Research Report – 2019-2020 global sales volume for IPL home devices

Who are the experts behind the technology?

Way back in 1979 a PHD scientist stumbled across the basis of IPL technology – the technology that SmoothSkin uses to this day – when he accidentally ran a laser beam across his forearm and was surprised to spot that the hair didn’t grow back. This scientist went on to develop the world’s first hair removal lasers, and in 2002, he joined forces with three other local entrepreneurs (another scientist, an engineer and a businessman) to create Cyden – the brains behind the SmoothSkin brand. Today, over 40 years since that first discovery, this very scientist and one of the other founding members, are still part of the Cyden company and actively involved in all SmoothSkin product development.
To this day our products are still designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, by our team of world-leading experts.

Where are your products made?
SmoothSkin are the world’s largest IPL manufacturer, with a dedicated IPL factory in Swansea, UK. All SmoothSkin products are researched, developed and manufactured in the UK and adhere to international medical and safety standards so that we can distribute and sell them worldwide.
What makes SmoothSkin unique?

Not only are SmoothSkin the experts of IPL, it’s all we do. No toasters. No TVs. No toothbrushes.
With our highly trained team of industry experts in research, product development and clinical studies based right here at SmoothSkin HQ, we are the world’s largest IPL manufacturer, and dedicate 100% of our time and resources to researching, designing, engineering, producing and testing our state of the art IPL technology.
From studying the interaction of light, skin and hair at a cellular level to ensure we develop safe and effective technology, we’re constantly testing and learning to make sure that you get the best possible results from your SmoothSkin products. In fact, we’ve performed almost 4,000 treatments on different skin tones to prove both their safety and efficacy, so you can use our products with confidence.*
**the total number of treatments performed in our SmoothSkin clinical trials

Is SmoothSkin clinically proven?

Absolutely! All SmoothSkin products are clinically proven to guarantee safe and effective permanent hair removal. All studies adhere to international medical and safety regulations, are ethically approved and independently analysed. We have performed almost 4,000 clinical treatments on hundreds of patients to date and are therefore confident we have the best IPL technology on the market.*
All practices and procedures involved in the design, testing and manufacturing of our products are compliant with:

• International medical safety standards, including US FDA**, KFDA and Health Canada.
• Principles of the Declaration of Helsinki
• ICH Guidelines on Good Clinical Practice [GCP]
• BS EN ISO 13485: Medical devices, Quality management systems, requirements for regulatory purposes
• BS EN ISO 14155: Medical Devices for Human Subject Testing
• BS EN ISO 62366: Medical Devices, Usability Engineering
• EMA guidance documents
• MDR – Medical Device Regulations
• MRC guidelines (Medical Research Council)

*the total number of treatments performed in our SmoothSkin clinical trials
**SmoothSkin is FDA Cleared under the 510k submission